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  1. If you have a choice you should pick based on cost, preferred location, and curriculum. On forums you will see a lot of self aggrandizement and people trying to convince you about which school is the best, but for the wrong reasons. There are certainly differences between every school but the reality is the requirements at each one are generally the same and they all have their own unique problems. Everyone thinks that what is unique about their school, whether positive or negative, makes them the best/worst. However, it doesn't really matter much because you won't be a significantly bett
  2. They have been pretty strict about it with other people in the past. Try to finish it on time.
  3. The best way to prep for the UWO interview is to know your ABS inside and out and to be able to readily draw on your experiences for personal/situational questions. Most interview companies teach you some kind of formula for answering questions, and if you answer every question like this (particularly in a traditional-style interview where there is more back and forth interaction) you will seem very robotic. I think interview prep courses may be beneficial for MMI where your answers need to be more structured, but may be a waste of time/money for a traditional panel.
  4. If money is not a factor, the quality of education and supportive resources will generally be far superior at an American school. For job prospects in Canada, it will probably not matter. To my knowledge there are some offices that will prefer Canadian graduates over USA/AUS/etc (probably won't matter if you went to an Ivy League/top tier school though vs. a random American school). From what I have observed and heard from Canadian students in general at various schools, clinical experience pales in comparison to what you would get in the states. Canadian students will generally not
  5. If cost is important to you then going to the states would be a terrible decision. The majority of people going to the states grossly underestimate how crippling it is to pay off $500-600k, not including interest. The cost, unless you will be inheriting a practice or your family has the means, IMO is not worth becoming a dentist (or any other profession). If UofT is your only option you may need to do a 5th + masters.
  6. Interview/ABS is very important. Most people/everyone has shadowing experience. Grad students get a boost. No preferential treatment for Western undergrads. Not true.
  7. "Saving" 2 years at an American school is probably more costly than doing a 2 year masters and then going to a Canadian school
  8. If you’re funding US education primarily with loans and are not well off/have significant funding from bank of mom and dad I don’t think any career is worth that debt (after including living expenses and interest it will be closer to $500k+). Might make more sense if you have a practice to inherit.
  9. WL for Class of 2021 moved 1 spot after first instalment of tuition was due.
  10. Might move a bit after first instalment of tuition is due.
  11. Seems like a lot of that debt could have been minimized. He made poor life decisions. -attending USC for prestige -cost of living in Cali -benz and tesla -ortho school right after graduating -2 children
  12. With a 91%/3.97 for Western/UofT your chances are pretty slim man , consider the states.
  13. Many of these pros/cons are entirely dependent on the person - class size, city, catchment area (dental students regardless of where they are will be doing essentially the same things, seeing a rare case will not make/break your education). UWO no longer discloses class rank. Class schedule: I believe UofT has many exams spread out through the year. Western has most exams concentrated in December-February. Specialty programs: chances are you will not specialize. UofT has more specialty programs so it may be easier to network. But at the end of the day both schools have students that
  14. The on-campus apartments are basically the same as residence. They are close/convenient but not very nice. Would recommend them for people who don’t care about that or those who don’t drive (bus is not very reliable depending on the line you’re on).
  15. If the email doesn’t say anything about your position in previous years getting in/not getting in you’re on the normal wait list.
  16. It means Winter 2018 and it updates at midnight of the day emails go out.
  17. You wrote almost as much as one of Jensen's slides.
  18. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't it more so poor distribution rather than oversaturation? Large metro areas/surroundings are saturated-oversaturated but there are many underserved areas where dentists prefer not to practice. Are there stats on where FTD practice? I can't imagine why anyone can expect FTD to practice in underserved areas but not extend those expectations to Canadian grads. I imagine for most people the main motivators to practice rurally are 1) personal connection or 2) to pay off debt (and then leave soon after).
  19. IQ pubs RC has many typos/mistakes and doesn't mimic the new RC very well. If you can do well on Bootcamp RC that is probably more than enough.
  20. Just checked as I am waitlisted myself. Criminal record checks are Canada-wide, but vulnerable sector screenings need to be requested locally, at least in Toronto. 8 weeks doesn't seem reasonable; maybe contact other branches (not sure if processing time is universal)?
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