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  1. https://forums.studentdoctor.net/threads/timed-casper-practice-resources.1264808/
  2. Yes, don't put down a family member. It won't end well.
  3. I did the following free practice tests from the thread below on SDN and then several practice full length CASPer tests which was a must for me. https://forums.studentdoctor.net/threads/timed-casper-practice-resources.1264808/
  4. If I remember correctly, they've previously implemented interview changes mid cycle so this is possible. One can hope that CASPer is weighted 40%!
  5. It still says 32% but I'm hoping the 40% rumor is true especially after just having completed CASPer and feeling great about it
  6. I just did CASPer tonight and now I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the rumors are true ... lol ! Some of the questions on my actual test were basically the same as the questions I had on my full length practice tests. There definitely weren't any surprises!
  7. Just did CASPer tonight!!! I'm glad that's over with and even more glad I did a few full length practice tests beforehand cuz some of the questions on my real test were identical to the practice questions. Definitely made me feel very confident. Keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck everyone
  8. I'm currently at Mac for undergrad and I overhead that Mac Med was increasing the weighting of CASPer this year to 40%. If true, this would mean that CASPer is worth more than CARS or your GPA. It's still listed on their website as 32%. Does anyone know if the rumors are true?
  9. So it looks like schools are giving more weight to CASPer now
  10. According to Premed101 forum moderators, Bemo has been banned from this forum over 10 times. When I looked up their services, they charge $500 for 1 casper simulation ... completely ridiculous. Save your money.
  11. I read in my book that the average person is 41 wpm so I'm aiming for 50-55 wpm.
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