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  1. Hey! So it turns out my GPA is actually a 3.8, and my science GPA a bit higher (my GPA in second year was 3.85, then 3.95 in third year, it's only first year bringing me down!). I've looked through the MSAR (for hours last night and today, I really need to stop looking at statistics before my head implodes), and it looks like for most of the schools I'm applying to I'm in the 50-75th percentile for GPA, and 25-50th for MCAT. Not amazing by any means, but I'm going to try - maybe I'll get lucky! I've changed the schools I'm applying to: Central Michigan, Michigan State, Oakland, West V
  2. Thanks guys! I'm basically done my app, and splitting the cost with my parents, so I think I'll aim to some lower schools and give it a shot. I'm considering rewriting the MCAT later, if work allows. Speedy responses were super appreciated!
  3. I have been creeping this website for a long time, so I decided to make an account and ask about my situation for a second opinion. I have just completed my third year of a BSC at a Canadian university. I'm applying to schools in the states this application cycle, aiming to submit on June 1st (transcripts should arrive shorty after, as well as reference letters). cGPA = 3.78 sGPA = 3.78 MCAT = 506 (127/127/125/127) ECs: - 1 year of first aider for a varsity sports team - 3 years of volunteering in the hospital in various departments - 1 year as a volunteer in a research laboratory
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