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  1. None whatsoever. But without volunteering/working you wont have any experiences to fall back on when they ask you behavioral or situational type questions in the interview. Volunteering is about gaining life experiences, as an individual, don't go volunteer at a hospital or organization just for the sake of putting it on your resume, that makes no difference. It's important to do it, so you improve upon yourself as an individual, and it also allows you to expose yourself to an environment that isn't related to school, and gives you great opportunities to learn from others and build a good rapp
  2. Spoken with numerous dentists who went to Dalhousie, including a few who had close ties to the admissions committee. They all had one common thing to say, and that is that your grades are the MOST important aspect. Be wary that the average GPA of accepted students being listed at 3.7 is misleading. This includes the 10-14 Americans (out of a class of 38) who were accepted, and they’re admission requirements are really low. Some of them have like 3.4 GPAs on 4.0 scale (or even lower). Whereas for Canadian residents it is much more competitive, and usually a 3.8+ (on 4.0 scale) is competitive an
  3. What materials have people been using to prepare for the CDA style interview? This will be my first time encountering it and don't know where I should begin.
  4. IP (Maritime) 3rd year undergrad 90.7% avg, GPA 4.18/4.30 (last 60 credit hours) DAT 26AA 25RC 27PAT ECS: lots of executive position on various groups and clubs, fair amount of volunteering, research assistant work, part-time internship, and some shadowing first time applying
  5. following But to add to this, does anyone know if it will be similar to Med-School MMI's where you need to know how both the US and Canadian healthcare system works, as well as the ethical guidelines that a healthcare professional needs to follow? There was no mention of us needing to read up on anything ahead of the interview, so my gut feeling says that we will not have to prep for either of those two.
  6. I'm looking for this info too! Also, does anyone know how many people they accept each year?
  7. What "document" are you referring to??
  8. Thought I'd give you an update about the vartious documents mentioned online. This is the email Jo-anne is sending to applicants who inquire about it: Dear Applicant, Do not go by what is online it is not accurate. The only thing that is due by December 1 is the application and fee. Supplemental Form 1, Supplemental Form 2, transcripts and DAT Scores are due February 1 (unless you do the DAT in February – you would submit the results when available). References are only required if you are invited for an interview. CPR/Immunization Records are only required if you are accep
  9. Supporting documents are due February 1st, it says on the website. I too am wondering about the Personal Statement, CPR, and Left/Right Form. There definitely was no mention of this anywhere on their website. You have to send the two supplementary forms, and confidential evaluation forms by February 1st.
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