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    Just got mine!!!
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    Thought I'd give you an update about the vartious documents mentioned online. This is the email Jo-anne is sending to applicants who inquire about it:
    Dear Applicant,
    Do not go by what is online it is not accurate.
    The only thing that is due by December 1 is the application and fee.
    Supplemental Form 1, Supplemental Form 2, transcripts and DAT Scores are due February 1 (unless you do the DAT in February – you would submit the results when available). 
    References are only required if you are invited for an interview.
    CPR/Immunization Records are only required if you are accepted into the program.
    The personal statement is the Supplemental Form 1.
    There is no left/right hand form.
    As I go through the files, if there is anything missing that is required, you will get an email from email from me and given time to get it in.
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