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  1. I'm deeply confused by your latter statement. What leads you to the conclusion that individuals who are empathetic did not take challenging courses in undergrad and don't want to make new medical advances? What is the point in drawing a distinction between the two?
  2. Hello, thank you! Taking one course and leaving out the rest was something I definitely considered. I have a keen interest in the philosophy of physics, but as my understanding of physics is severely limited I fail to understand the major claims of many essays that I read, so I might start by taking physics; however, I have read a lot about this and it seems to be the case that one needs a solid foundation in mathematics and calculus first, so I may look into taking a math course over the summer (?). I definitely agree that it doesn't need to be all or nothing. As previously stated, my p
  3. Thank you both for replying! For some reason, I never considered free online courses, but that is definitely a valid consideration. After completing all of my exams and final papers I will look into options such as EdX and Coursera. Thanks again!
  4. Yeah, the fear of potentially lowering one's GPA is horrifying. Nevertheless, thanks for replying and offering a recommendation - and best of luck!
  5. Sorry for the late reply, I foolishly made this post during exam season! I seriously appreciate the advice. Thank you!
  6. Hi! I am currently a philosophy student. I am just wondering how I should move forward going into my third year of studies. Given that I am interested in applying to medical schools across Ontario, it would be of benefit to write the MCAT; however, I have not taken a science course in a few years, so my scientific knowledge is next to non-existent. I am wondering if I should enrol in first year science courses next year, or in the summer at least, to gain a better understanding of the material so I can (hopefully) do better on the MCAT. However, I am terrified that if I do not do well in these
  7. I wouldn't necessarily say this is a "scam", just very misleading. It seems to be very similar marketing to the medical science program at Western. Throw the word medicine in there and students will feel like they've already gotten in.. Though, I would say that this is not entirely cool. Due to the name of the program, I think expectations for students in it program are likely be extremely high, and if students don't get the outcome they want or expect after graduation they may be very disappointed. (To be fair, that goes for a lot of other programs though and is not entirely specific to this
  8. Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the help! Definitely something to think about.
  9. Hi everyone! I'm in a bit of a pickle and I was hoping that some of you who have already went my through current experience could offer me some advice. I'm currently in my first year at Queen's and I'm most likely going to major in Politics or Global Development. That being said, I'm worried that I might have gotten too involved too soon (for my personal standards at least). So far I've joined our student government, a consent awareness team, and I'm currently trying to decide if I should accept an 'offer' to be a first-year rep for a certain student council. I also really want to join t
  10. I went to my dentist today (she's awesome, btw) and she was like yo... you REALLY gotta stop eating so much candy. And I was like...but I love it...and she was like nah man, you seriously gotta stop or your teeth might suck when you're older. I was like dang, alright. So... there's another tip for you all from my personal dentist.
  11. Hi Bambi! This is really good advice and actually made me reevaluate my entire life and motivations haha. Thank you so much! I will keep all of this in mind in September. My family gave me identical advice and now you are offering me the same advice so I'll definitely take it to heart. I really enjoy dancing/having fun/etc but I'll try my best to have fun in moderation and prioritize my studies, no worries. Thanks once again for the solid advice!
  12. Thanks to all of you for the help and perspective; much appreciated. So, it turns out that my enrolment is over and I actually have no choice but to keep my classics course now, but it's fine because I'm pretty excited for school to start now. And good luck with your project! Thanks for the insight! Also, there's a few short, easy-to-finish series on Netflix centred around Ancient Greek and Roman tales (if you're into television). And lol, I'm only 18 so I have no clue if I'll ever be taught anatomy in medical school - because I don't know if I'll ever go. I'm just gonna study/
  13. I've been contemplating for days if I should take a full year of Classics (which I love) or a semester of anatomy, which the knowledge might be useful for me in upper year courses.
  14. Starting next year as well, and I'm slightly confused as to how this (GPA) works. So, unlike in high-school where your 95 can even out your 75, your 75 actually brings everything down? That means that there's basically no room for error.....(?) Also, does this mean that if you get, say, a 3.4 GPA or below in first year that you can never get a certain cumulative GPA, such as 3.8/3.9/4.0? Would one sub-par year disallow you to ever achieve a 3.9+ cGPA? That's no fun.
  15. The Smiths are extremely cool.
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