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  1. Hey everyone, I was wondering if you could share your thoughts and experiences with UWOs MSc Clinical Anatomy program. I've heard that students must maintain an average of 80% in the program to progress. Is/was that difficult for you to achieve? How are you liking the program? What are your goals after the program? How much research productivity do students get? Would you still have enrolled in the program if you knew then what you know now about it?
  2. Hey everyone, I was looking into taking some 3rd or 4th year science classes at York U and was hoping you all would be able to help me put together a list of interesting/fair/easy courses. What are some science courses that you recently took and would recommend? ex. immunology, bio of cancer, microbio, biochem etc. Really appreciate the feedback!
  3. Hey everyone, I was looking into taking 3 upper year (3rd or 4th year) biological science classes a semester for the school year and was hoping you guys would be able to help me put together a list of courses where attaining an 80 or above is easy or really fair (where if i put a reasonable amount of effort in the course I would be rewarded with a good grade at the end). I have taken biochemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, biology, physics, anatomy, and physiology. My least favourite courses of those were inorganic chemistry and physics.
  4. Thanks for your response! Do you know if A-'s are 4.0s as well?
  5. Hey everyone, Since Queens changed their grading scales in 2011, I was wondering if someone who went to Queens and submitted an application to AMCAS or AACOMAS could tell me how AMCAS/AACOMAS converts Queen's U, letter grades i.e. what would an A- be, an A, a B+, B, B-, etc. Thanks
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