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  1. Hi guys, I just have a few questions about international electives. Do you think they are worth the money and time? I'm at McMaster so it would certainly be a plus to squeeze in some travelling time during my electives. Also, if anyone has been matched with a CFMS-IFMSA exchange, what was your experience like? Would you recommend it? Thanks in advance!
  2. Thanks for all your advice! I'm still a little confused about the sign-up bonus. I already received the credit cards because my advisor arranged the sign-up/approval so I never had to use the sign-up links you posted. So is it too late to get the bonus points?
  3. Hello all! I signed my LOC with Scotia and received the Gold AMEX as well as the ScotiaGold Passport Visa Card. I was wondering if anyone had a good method of which card to use for what. If I'm understanding it correctly, the AMEX seems to give more points that the Visa, but the Visa seems like it is more useful for travel rewards? Should I be using AMEX as much as I can? Should the Visa just be used for booking airline tickets? Let me know if you guys have a better understanding of the rewards program. I'm looking to maximize points for travelling for carms inter
  4. Hello, everyone. While the LOC pinned post is extremely resourceful, it is getting difficult to sift through the years of information as well as the different deals offered by different banks. Just as we do with acceptances/rejections, I thought it may be helpful to have a thread to post what LOC deal you were able to achieve. I am interested to see what the general trend is so that we know what to ask for when we sign our own LOC's. Feel free to include additional information beyond what is specified below. What year was it signed?: Bank Name: Interest Rate:
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