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  1. For me it says June 4th! Good luck to everyone still on the waitlist!
  2. Hey everyone I got a call yesterday around 1:55pm ish from Chantel. In the email it said their office closed at 2pm so I'm assuming I was one of the last people to be called yesterday. My wGPA is 3.96! and I'm english stream and will be accepting Goodluck to everyone still waiting!
  3. Hey guys, does anyone have any insight into approx. what time the calls will be starting today?
  4. Can we expect a large number of calls being made tomorrow?
  5. Wait can you explain that again? I'm sorry but I don't understand what you're saying, 10 people get off the waitlist?
  6. Hi everyone, I was wondering if there's a minimum undergrad GPA for the semester that we are currently in, in order to keep an acceptance to UOttawa med given we get accepted? Thanks guys
  7. For the option for talking 2 chem, 1 orgo and then 1 biochem. I included a biochemistry course that did have a lab component. Is that still okay and will be passable as a prerequisite?
  8. Hey guys, I was just wondering what you would put for the competition involved for NSERC USRAs? If there a resource you can use to find the exact number of people who apply for the awards? Im pretty sure the awards are decided upon internally within your specific institution? Thanks so much
  9. Hi everyone, Just wondering what the average typing speed to aim for with the CASPer is? Thanks
  10. Hi guys, I got an email back from Ottawa Admissions today saying that I would be able to apply with my first and third year courses. However, because I only took 4 credits in my one semester of second year and one of these was a DE course, I will be unable to include my full second year of studies in the admissions. Hope this helped a bit!
  11. Just wondering if anyone can provide me with the outline for the Autobiographical Sketch. I'm specifically wondering how many spaces are provided for each category? Thanks guys!
  12. Hi everyone, I was wondering if Ottawa still counts prerequisite courses if they were taken during a summer semester or during a year where I did not take a full course load? If they don't does that mean that I have to re-take 2-3 courses just to "re"-meet the prereqs? Thanks
  13. If I took one semester with 4 courses instead of 5 but have extra credits to compensate for this will I still be able to include that year in my McMaster application? Thanks
  14. Hi everyone, Just wondering if I would still be able to apply and have a chance of acceptance for the 2018 admission cycle if only my first and third year of university are counted? I only took 4 courses one semester in second year, one of which was a DE and therefore I don't think I can count this year when applying.
  15. Hi everyone, In second year I only took 4 courses one semester. Would that still be viewed as a full course load and counted given that I can transfer summer credits?
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