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  1. Kind of related -- just wondering if anyone has thought about/talked to a financial advisor about investing with an LOC. It seems like a lot of the mutual fund investments out there get returns on average higher than the rate of interest paid on the LOC. Looking for opinions on this -- and whether anyone has done this before/is currently doing this, or knows if there are regulations on the LOCs prohibiting this?
  2. Has anyone accepted off the waitlist received anything from UBC? It has been radio silence since I accepted... No orientation checklist, financial planning info etc. But I see my deposit has registered and my status is "accepted". Am I alone in this?
  3. I was also accepted on Friday to the NMP (fourth choice, but zero complaints). I also thought I was receiving a "you've been taken off the waitlist" email -- and had also given up most (if not all) hope. I know how lucky I am and empathize with everyone still agonizing over being kept waiting. It really is the worst. I am also a non-trad, older applicant. I started school late after working in the ski/snowboard industry for a number of years and completed a Political Science/Psychology degree at UBC. I then realized I wanted to go into medicine, went back to upgrade all the prereqs, write
  4. I assume the next round will be going out on Monday -- does anyone remaining on the waitlist have any idea about this?
  5. Wow, it sounds like if anybody deserves to be off the waitlist, it is you. Kudos for your grit in surviving that many attempts and disappointments. Success must be sweet!
  6. Also waitlisted this year -- quite the emotional rollercoaster. Also don't have high hopes but its nice to know there's this thread here to commiserate.
  7. I am waitlisted this year but if I don't manage to get in (likely), I would be into this! Chances are I needs to revamp a few things...
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