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  1. Hello! I am a dental student providing consultation services for all professional school applications (proofreading and providing feedback on essays, preparing for casper and interview, etc.). I received interview invites and acceptances to various medical schools, dental schools, and physiotherapy schools in Canada so I can definitely help you make your application stronger. Send me a PM if you want to talk further!
  2. Has anyone in this years class been able to get one yet using the letter from the preregistration package? I talked to an advisor from RBC and they said an enrolment letter would not be available until end of July.
  3. Do you mind me asking in what city you work in? What would be considered the "rural" parts of Ontario? What would London area be considered?
  4. Can any grads shed some light on how long this takes? I'm kind of worried about taking a $350k loan. With living in Toronto, it will probably come close to getting maxed. How long does it take after school to pay it off? Is it super difficult? & how much do new grads typically make?
  5. at what point can we get proof of enrolment though from the school?
  6. For those who have gotten the line of credit, how does the process work? What do we need to bring with us to the bank? And when are we able to get the line of credit?
  7. Was there an email sent out this week from UofT mentioning when interview invites will be sent??? i saw something about this on FB but i didn't get any email
  8. do we just list the courses? or do we need to provide more info
  9. Hi. I just realized that I only have 0.5 courses for biochem, even though 1.0 course is required. Does anyone know if any other courses will satisfy the biochem requirement? I have taken a bunch of bio courses like cell bio.
  10. I have a 517 overall, but a 125 in the CARS section. Has anyone heard of someone getting an interview with a 125 in CARS?
  11. Hello, I was just wondering if any previous applicants can shed some light on how much physio experience is required? I tailored most of my activities towards med school but I do have some physio experience (like 80 hours), but obviously thats not a lot compared to other candidates here. Since I know med school is a long shot I'm keeping my possibilities open and applying to physio as well. Do other volunteer activities other than physiotherapy related activities (such as volunteering in an old age home) hold any significance at all? Which schools are more lenient and require less physio exper
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