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  1. cool I'll check it out, and good luck with your upcoming exam. I hope its the last one you'll need to take! I recently bought the NextStep 101 passages and I'm gonna try to get through some of it before AAMC
  2. did you do it? I have like a month and 10 days till my MCAT exam and I'm not sure whether I should go through it or just stick with my current strat
  3. pretty sure you get 5 attempts at exams so if anyone has already bought NextStep exams and is looking to sell me them (I'd love to share), please PM me! Looking for only 4 exams but just message with whatever you have
  4. If anyone is looking to share, PM me too. looking for like 4 exams
  5. I just finished first year med sci at UWO too, but lived off campus. Lots of solid advice here that helps me too because I didn't do as well as I wanted to, but if there's anything I can add, make sure you get rid of that disruptive roommate lol. I'll never understand how people truly study without complete solitude.
  6. lol my GPA in first year should've been a 3.96 if I had gotten 1% more in FIVE different classes. A bunch of 89's and 84's. Instead, I ended first year with a 3.89. Thanks for the advice though!
  7. Hello, I was looking for any advice on my 2nd year Med sci schedule.
  8. Hello, as the title suggests, I don't know if I should even continue Med sci at UWO next year.
  9. I'm at UWO med sci right now and its hard, but not that bad tbh. I'd recommend going anywhere that's convenient for you. I don't believe all the hype with uofT being a GPA killer, I probably would've had the same GPA (though I'm biased) there too. If there's ANYTHING I would tell myself as a senior, it'd be to not worry too much about "prestige" that comes with UWO Med sci. Once you're in, you're just another student, at one of the many universities in Ontario. I had a lot of money offered from other schools, and finances were something I had to consider because I come from a low income fam. I
  10. Hey, I'm an incoming first year medical science student. I had a few questions, hope you guys can help. 1. What can I do in the summer to best prepare myself for first year? I know that I should enjoy my break and all, but anything besides studying? Like learning a skill or technique that could possibly benefit me in uni? 2. How different is the workload from hs to uni exactly? We'd mostly study one subchapter of each course a day, how bout uni, on avg? 3. If you re-did first year, what would you do differently? Any tips? Also, I'm gonna be living away from home for the fi
  11. thanks, i'm gonna stick with 1028/1029. I'm a little worried about Calc 1000 even though I'm pretty good at calc imo. Have you by any chance had Miransky or Yu? This is my last class I need to finalize. Also, would you mind looking at my schedule and giving some feedback? https://gyazo.com/4eecbf761a7cf5850345bc60b301d397
  12. yo, thanks! I was stressing when I saw terrible reviews on ratemyprof lol. I have 1028 with Poepping and 1029 with Mittler. Any advice for Mittler? Also, did you take calc 1301B? Should I take it or 1201B? I have 1301B with Reid, but I have calc 1000A with Yu and his reivews look terrible.
  13. ah :/ I think i'll just work hard and try to get a good grade in 1028. thanks
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