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  1. If you are a weak communicator, what would be the best way to improve on it? Finding a job to interact with customers more or doing a graduate degree and presenting at conferences more?
  2. Please let me know, I'm also interested as I will be starting prep soon!
  3. Just wondering if people would like to share any stories about a roadblock they encountered in life (GPA, MCAT, ECs, etc.), that really kept them from admissions at MED until they overcame it? My problem has been CARS on the MCAT, I can't seem to even hit that 125 cut-off for UofT, I've always been scoring extremely low (~122). Thus, this is a roadblock I'm experiencing, and I'm hoping to hear some stories to be motivated to push through. This will be my 3rd time taking the MCAT, to try to overcome that CARS barrier to make me eligible for at least UofT... I've been a good academic
  4. Hey all, This is kinda a specific question and hoping someone has gone through this before. If you were originally in a course based masters and then wanting to end up switching to a thesis-based masters, is your term duration of your thesis based masters shortened from 6 terms to 3 terms (i.e. 1 year) because you complete your graduate classes during your 1 year of course based masters?
  5. Thanks for the advice ! I will definitely talk to my supervisior and LORs with this in mind. Thanks for the advice! It was definitely helpful to get an insight from an individual that held a faculty position. I will definitely talk to him when I head back to school this september! Ahhh, sorry, I should of phrased out my point better. It's not so much the equipment, but more so like being able to get antibodies of higher quality, pre-casted gel sets, more of the basic stuff that can really help save preparation time when conducting an experiment. Higher quality antibodies do hel
  6. @insomnias good advice. It's not so much I wouldn't want to go but more so the appeal of the UofT labs are drawing me away simply because they have more funding and more updated on the new technological advances, which in turn, will not restrict me as much in my scientific potential. With point #2, it's good to know that you won't need a first author pub to be considered for admissions, but it would be kind of disappointing after spending 2 years and not qualify for the graduate pool despite putting in a lot of work into your MSc haha. @HappyAndHopeful,I understand that it'll be my
  7. So as everyone else, I will be applying this cycle, but will also be applying to MSc programs as well. Now my problem is with the MSc program application choice... Ideally, I would like to apply to UofT's LMP simply because it's closer to home (both my gf and family would like for me to come back) and there are two potential supervisors that I would like to work under. However, I have been with my current supervisor (during undergrad) for 2 years now, and I feel extremely bad to tell him that I will not be going back to his lab for my MSc (if I do not get into med my first tr
  8. I called OMSAS this morning and they weren't too helpful as they told me to type out everything on the application word for word...so I decided to call apple to see if there's any "free" program that uses mono-spaced font, and they told me to use textedit and save it as a rich text document format before copy and pasting. Thanks @itsmemario and @Monkey D. Luffy for your helps!
  9. OMSAS says that we shouldn't be using word processors such as microsoft word on their email. They encourage us to use a mono-spaced font program such as notepad on windows. However, I have a mac, so I was wondering if anyone knew an equivalent for notepad?
  10. cGPA is 3.95. But MCAT is kinda holding me back... Test day (Sept 1st) is in about 4.5 weeks. Practice FLs so far: NS 1: 502 (126/123/127/126) TPR 1: 499 (124/126/125/124) TPR 2 499 (124/122/126/127) Both TPR tests were VERY organic chemistry heavy I thought, and they weren't like applied orgo to human body but rather specific orgo concepts such as what is the intermediate for this reaction most likely be, etc. Will be doing TPR3, and AAMC Fls + sample within the next 4 weeks. Will start SBs this week, finishing up the last of my Qpacks tomorrow. What do you guys reco
  11. Recently realized I do a lot better on my CARS passages if I can verbally read out loud (i.e. not like a crazy person, but more like a person whispering kinda loudly to a friends ear during a lecture) compare to if I read it quietly (i.e. no sound at all). How much sound is often permitted when a person is on CARS section at the testing site? Has anyone actually heard someone read out loud during the exam?
  12. Hi, I am currently reviewing my CARs practice passages right now, but I was hoping I can get some advice on jump starting my score from here on out. I am currently on Day 5 of CARs practice and I have been doing 4 passages TIMED per day. I am consistently getting around 1-3 questions right out of a 6 or 7 question passage. After I completed the time practice, I would reread the passage and write down the main idea again, compared them to my answer choice before I would check the answer key for correct answer and explanation. After checking the answer key, some times I would get the answer w
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