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  1. What province are applying from? I think once Physio and Ontario acceptances go out, there should be some movement!
  2. The deadline has been extended to Jan 7, you can read in the news section of OPRAS. When I called last year they said they would accept letters a bit late, but I don't have that in writing so hard to say. Also waiting on a referee!
  3. Hey All, I have been recently evaluating my life plan, and have been considering a two-year nursing degree. I see that Dalhousie holds spots for NS residents, but for other schools (like PEI) the class size is very small. I have a GPA of around 3.5 (4.0) scale, and my prerequisite grades are decent. Can anyone share their experiences applying to accelerated nursing programs? How competitive they were? I can't find much recent cut-off stats information! Thanks in advance!
  4. NS resident, waitlisted April 19. Does that mean anything? Last name start with T so wondered if they went by that
  5. Myself and a few others I know still haven't heard anything. Wondering how many not accepting Dal and choosing other schools instead!
  6. On the waitlist for Dal OT. Third year applying, actually got in the first year (but long story short, couldn't go). This year upgraded one of my prerequisite grades, but it seems like the GPA cut of just keeps getting higher. They won't tell you anything about where you are on the waitlist either. So stressful!
  7. As I understand it, a conditional acceptance just means pending your graduation and a B grade in the prerequisites by the June deadline for transcripts. I was accepted off the waitlist two years ago but could not go because I couldn't finish my Physiology in time.
  8. They won't tell you anything about movement, and in fact a few days before the first day of school last year the requirement woman said "it's not over until it's over", frustrating I know! Just have to be patient, and know that many PT applicants also do OT as plan B, so once they start getting offers, the waitlist will move quickly!
  9. I think it's the last 20 credits Dal looks at, so you would be upgrading the oldest of that? There are sessions mentioned in your letter when you were accepted to the waitlist, you could attend those or make a phone appointment for advise on improving your application. For me, grades are okay, but have relevant volunteer experience so I will be looking into some other schools this year as I have been put on the waitlist for Dal twice as well.
  10. I would like to do one semester of courses to bump up the GPA a bit. Did you take a full course load of 5 courses? Or just a few. Would love any recommendation for courses you have as well
  11. Also wanting to hear.. getting so impatient! As far as they could tell me, they are still calling people off of the list, and each has a few weeks to accept/decline.
  12. Has anyone on the Dal OT Waitlist heard anything? Getting so anxious!
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