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  1. I'm an R1 wondering if it's possible to switch to a different program (different province) in the same specialty (ex. Switching from anesthesia in Ottawa to anesthesia in Calgary). Is this ever allowed? Like for example in a 1:1 switch where someone wanted to take my spot at my school and I would take theirs? Long shot but thought I'd ask thanks
  2. thanks everyone, this is really reassuring! this might be an unnecessary thing to be anxious about but does the MCCQE score matter at all for pediatric subspec carms? i see some programs request the score but is that just for completion?
  3. fingers crossed! i def made some dumb mistakes on this exam and didn't take the full time and didn't take a break b/w the 2 sections... so my attention to detail will hopefully be a bit better during the real thing LOL
  4. did anyone do the full length practice test from LMCC and wouldn't mind sharing their score? i got 185/288 which is like 64% ..... can i still pass this exam?? this CDM was way harder for me than the other practice ones
  5. lol honestly i'm hoping to pass just so i don't lose all that $$ does anything change for you in residency if you fail?
  6. Thanks guys, this is so reassuring! I'm so tired LOL just want to be done already. If you fail, what happens in residency? What does your program do in that case? And if you apply to subspec through carms in the future does it affect things?
  7. I'm writing in 3 days but am just so unmotivated to study. I've reviewed most things except surg and IM (and some ethics which I'll do today) and have been passing the practice MCCs (the mini ones - at least 60% on CDM and 70% on MCQ). Are the practice similar to the real thing? I'm so burnt out I physically cannot study buy also don't want to regret not trying harder if I fail. Thanks!
  8. Hi everyone, I just want to acknowledge up front that what I am about to complain about is going to sound really really entitled and I totally understand if you hate me. But I don't have anyone I feel comfortable saying this to, so here I go. I have regrets about my rank list. I matched to my 2nd choice program, at my home school. I love my home school and felt that aside from my #1, I would much rather be here than elsewhere. It's close to my family and friends, I know the people, etc. But now I feel like I should have ranked differently and gone somewhere new because I'd learn and grow
  9. For anyone using Uworld, are you paying for it? Is there a free trial or something lol
  10. I'm struggling to decide whether to rank all the programs for my top choice specialty in the country first before family med programs vs family med programs in my province higher than out of province for my top specialty. I dont love FM but could probably be happy doing it and wouldn't have to go so far from my family and friends. Also I want to have more in my life than just my career so I'm not sure I want to move so far away from everyone I know. But also if I move I could do the specialty I really love... and hopefully I could move back? I'm so confused and there's only only few
  11. OMG I PRAY THIS IS TRUE about the MMIs, thank you for this!!!
  12. hi everyone, i'm going through carms right now and am super confused about my rank list in terms of both specialty and location. i'm finding it really hard to make an informed decision because i haven't had electives in one of the specialties i'm applying to and also because of the lack of visiting electives. i think i'd be happy anywhere but that's just based on my limited impression of programs from virtual interviews, info sessions, talking to residents, etc. but also want to know more about the transfer process just in case. does anyone know where i can find data on how many residents
  13. Not sure how it works but I hope this helps you feel less stressed: My undergrad transcript was pretty average overall but I had a TERRIBLE 2nd year, and I got an interview at the 1 program that asked me for it! They interview less than half of applicants so I wasn't ruled out bc of my UG transcript (which is def wayyy worse than most people's lol)
  14. Thanks for your reply, good luck with the rest of CaRMS! I am so glad you said this bc for some reason I always feel like everyone else is crushing 100% of every interview and I'm the only one who is unsure of how things are going. Maybe most of us feel this way!
  15. You're right, this is definitely true. Probably best not to worry about it and just do my best. Maybe I should be recording my practice sessions? But that makes me cringe LOL
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