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  1. Wow this is so good to hear, thank you both for the replies! I've decided I'll apply, so at least I won't regret not trying regardless of the outcome.
  2. Thanks for your input everyone! So now I have another question... if I am going to apply for 3 specialties now (since I just decided on OB), I can't ask her to write 1 letter for each because that's too much, right? But would a general letter still work?
  3. Hi, I'm applying to multiple programs and am wondering how to approach my referees for letters. Is it better to ask a referee for a general letter, or ask them to slightly tailor 2 versions of the letter for both specialties? I asked an OB preceptor to write a letter for me, thinking that I would be using it for 2 non-OB programs. However, now I've decided to also apply to OB and am not sure where to go from here. Any help appreciated. Thanks!
  4. I'm currently on an FM rotation and I need a strong positive reference letter bc due to COVID it'll be my only FM experience and I'm applying to FM. I'm not sure how to be impressive on this rotation for a letter. It feels like the patients are just coming in for diabetes checks, med reviews, prenatal visits. My preceptor knows all of them so there's not much else for me to do and I just kind of do the Hx, P/E, but no real need for a DDx or plan lots of times... doesn't seem like there is a chance to demonstrate clinical reasoning/knowledge. I asked my staff what she would need t
  5. Hi, I'm applying to CaRMS this cycle, and I just finished my OBs/GYN rotation and LOVED IT. I am seriously considering switching plans and applying to OBs/GYN. I was able to get a strong letter from a preceptor I worked with during this rotation, but the problem is that due to COVID students at my site weren't allowed in the OR. She let me scrub a few times on my last day with her but I wasn't very impressive since I'd never done it before. I really enjoyed this rotation but I'm worried it's too late to switch. Most of my electives are done, I just have one more pre-CaRMS in January and
  6. Thank you for your reply! Unfortunately because of COVID this year there might be changes to the # of letters we need but we don't know for sure yet (as far as I know). Program descriptions aren't up yet either for this year and I'm not sure how much they'll change from last year, if at all. I'm thinking of asking for another letter from the same rotation so I'll have 2 from there, but some people have said it's not as good as having letters from 2 different experiences. But then I've also heard that the content matters more than who/where the letter came from. I'm not sure if it's
  7. I'm applying to CaRMS this year and am worried about my reference letters. I am confident that I have one strong letter, the others I'm not too sure about. This is because I had a bunch of electives at the beginning of clerkship (3 yr school) and I definitely wasn't as strong as I am now. I have a few more electives pre-CaRMS deadline but because of capacity issues I don't even know if they'll be in my specialty of interest. I may end up having to use a letter from early on that I'm not sure will be that great. For the one letter I'm confident about, it's because the preceptor wrote me a great
  8. This is a great tip, thank you so much! I'm kind of nervous about this though because I've mostly worked with residents on projects and even if there was a staff supervisor, I had very little interaction with them. There is one staff who I did some work with and she needed help with some chart reviews during this COVID break, but I had way too much going on and wasn't able to help. I'm worried it'll seem sketchy now if all of a sudden I ask her to introduce me to someone when I wasn't able to help her. :/
  9. Thanks for this! Unfortunately my class won't have visiting electives but I like the idea of research. Do you how to get involved with research at schools other than your own? Is it kind of the same process (reaching out to people based on whose work interests you) or is there a different way?
  10. this is what I've heard anecdotally too but I'm concerned because I'd like to be competitive for Ontario programs and stay in the province and people have told me some programs here are getting more competitive :/
  11. Hi, I'm applying to CaRMS this upcoming cycle and am concerned about whether I have enough research. I'll be applying to peds and FM (unsure which I am more interested in at this point). In undergrad I didn't have any research experience and in med school I tried to get involved but really have no research background and am not sure if I did enough for these specialties. I'm especially concerned bc I have nothing 1st author. Also, are there certain peds or FM programs in the country that care more about research than others? Here is what I've done: - 2 chart reviews (several partici
  12. Is this true for specialties like peds too? I had all my electives right at the start of clerkship and got similar comments, but I feel like they cared WAY more about knowledge because they all said I'm good now but I'll be better later, and I didn't get a reference letter from one of my electives for this reason. The others I got letters but I dont think they'll be strong, also for this reason.
  13. I have the option of a general inpatient peds elective or peds heme onc elective at SickKids. I am a visiting student and U of T peds is definitely high on my list for preferred residency programs, partly because I would really like to be home with my family. I guess this means a reference letter is very important for this elective. I've heard gen peds is better because you get to meet residents, gen peds faculty etc who are involved in the selection process. However I worry that it's harder to stand out and do well on a big team and I'm worried about having to compete with a bunch of other st
  14. Does anyone know how important the written section is? I messed up and it timed out while I was still typing mid-sentence. I didn't hit all the points I wanted to hit. Really freaking out.
  15. Has anyone still not heard back from Ottawa about whether or not they were offered an interview? I haven't heard anything yet and am wondering if I should just call
  16. I found that they were really good for making sure I had a solid understanding of the content (especially for physics, my weakest section), but not very representative of the real exam. I wrote 2 years ago, though, so the resources might have changed! Compare it to the AAMC questions - those are the most representative
  17. ^ I second this. The books are good for making sure you have a solid understanding of the concepts, but I found that TPR's practice was not representative of the real exam. I wrote in 2016 so the materials might have changed since then, but I doubt there's a huge difference. The best and most representative resources are from AAMC. I would recommend spending more time on those (do the practice questions, then spend time reviewing them to understand trends in your right and wrong answers so you know what to focus on) and then review content based on what you struggle with in the practice. I spe
  18. I know at least one of my verifiers was contacted today. I'm OOP, not sure if that affects the timing?
  19. I believe they go with your school's classification. So if psych is part of social sciences/humanities at your school, it can be used to fill the humanities requirement. If your undergrad is at U of T, psych is a life science there.
  20. @robclem21 Thank you again! Actually I ended up changing one of my essays yet again and now there are no repeats LOL. I really appreciate your input, thank you!
  21. @robclem21 Thank you! That makes a lot of sense. I changed up my essays so that I talk about different experiences in all of them. The only overlap I have is one experience (different from the one I originally asked about) that I discussed in two essays - do you think 2 times is still too much? It's different aspects so I hope it's fine. Both mentions are only about 1-2 sentences.
  22. @barc16 Thank you for your response! Basically I worked in the same environment for 3 years. I was promoted each year and had different responsibilities. I am talking about different aspects of working in this same environment (kind of like 1 example from each year) in each of the essays. The examples I'm using for each essay are all very different, it's just that they all occurred in the similar context. I'm also talking about other examples from different experiences and settings. Just worried about having this common thread in 3 essays.
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