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  1. Timestamp: 11:31am - Accepted off the waitlist! I have accepted this offer, which had a deadline of June 12 at 4pm. So excited! And good luck to everyone on the waitlist!
  2. Has anyone received any emails from the admissions office over the past few days? Either offers or "too low on WL" emails? Still sitting in limbo Thanks
  3. I still haven't received an email from the admissions office, also wondering if that can be taken as somewhat good news, or perhaps they haven't sent out emails to all those low enough on the WL just yet
  4. Congrats! And just curious (still left on the WL), when is the deadline to accept the offer you received today?
  5. Safe to assume the next wave of offers made to the WL won't be until the 4th or 5th? Any insight on this?
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