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  1. Yes! I completed my Physics I and II prerequisites for mcgill through Athabasca U
  2. I feel like this is going to sound like a silly question but does anyone know the exact address I should ask my undergraduate university to email my official transcripts to? I'm guessing it will the address for the office of admissions (1010 Sherbrooke St. W., Suite 1210) but I just want to be sure before I order them. Thanks so much!
  3. The dean of dentistry called applicants to let them know they were accepted today, I got a call around 9 am this morning but my Minerva status hasn't changed yet and no email either.
  4. I've been reading these forums for years and can't believe i'm actually posting one of these!!! TIME STAMP: 9:00 am Result: Admitted with Condition (In Province) cGPA: 3.88, pre-reqGPA: 3.82 MCAT: Not submitted ECs: University clubs, international research some tutoring volunteering Year: last year MSc. Interview: I thought it went alright, the MMI is definitely not a 'normal' interview process so I wasn't entirely sure how I did and I questioned a lot of my responses over the last month but I guess it went okay.
  5. Can't believe i'm actually writing one of these!! Result: Invite! wGPA: 3.88 MCAT: Not submitted ECs: global health volunteering, president of school clubs, no publications Year: 2nd year MSc Casper: I felt pretty good about it afterwards, probably not stellar but good enough IP/OOP/International: IP Letter of EC: No
  6. Thank you both! That makes sense, I think i'll just let my prereqs speak for themselves
  7. I'm applying for the first time to McGill and I don't know whether my MCAT scores will be a useful addition to my application or not I'm an in-province application, cGPA: 3.87, science GPA: 3.82, MSc GPA: 3.94, MCAT: Phys-126, CARS-127, Bio-125, Psych-127. I know that they say that your MCAT scores won't harm your application but I don't feel like they are particularly competitive or impressive and I would rather they look at my GPA. Any advice would be really helpful for a medical school application newbie!
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