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  1. They can't use the first one (the one with the higher total) because one section doesn't meet the cutoffs. So they'll look at your second one (the one where all the cutoffs are met).
  2. They definitely have different minimum cutoffs in each section, and each of these minimums vary year to year. Just by looking at the accepted/rejected thread for this year, it does seem a 126 in a science section was below their cutoffs. However, you never know, and as I mentioned the cutoffs vary year to year. If you look the year before last year (or the year before that), I think I remember seeing a few 125-126s in science sections
  3. Not important at all, it's just what will be in the email that your referee receives where he/she will complete the reference letter/application.
  4. They see if your cGPA makes their GPA cutoffs (which varies year to year). If it doesn't, then they look at if your 2yr GPA makes the GPA cutoff. So if you have either one of them that are high, you'll be good.
  5. interesting Do you mind sharing what speciality you pursued or are planning to pursue?
  6. I love this blue and black. I was hoping for red and black, but I'm glad it's not the red and white people were hoping for. Even though it resembles Canada's 150, in my mind, red and white seems very ugly I just feel the backpacks looks so much better with the black (this year and last year's back pack) than white (previous years).
  7. I would say U of T has little variability. Everyone I expected to get an interview got one, and everyone I expected to not get one didn't. I thought I would get an interview and I did. It's fairly predictable. However, there is no guarantee for any school. Perhaps you spend dozens of hours on your essays, if it doesn't resonate with the reviewers, or your ECs don't stand out to the reviewers, there is a chance you may get 'unlucky' and get rejected. That said, you have great stats so I wouldn't worry too much
  8. Great to hear I actually just negotiated to have all fees waived until residency as well, and I signed with them. Scotia does offer a great deal as well, but my advisor is amazing so I decided to stay with RBC. I wasn't abel to get Infinite Avion though (got Platinum Avion). Did you have to negotiate for the infinite?
  9. Unfortunately that is the case. New RBC members = VIP account + credit card fees waived for 4 years, whereas existing customers only waived for the first year. This made no sense to me. I've been with RBC my whole life..... I've called 6 different RBC advisors, and they all said the same thing.
  10. Agreed^ As long as you're not lazy and not wasting your supervisor's time and money, I don't see a problem with it at all.
  11. Nope you will be good Because if you haven't demonstrated 'enough' academic productivity, you will just be assessed as a undergraduate student (who has a lot of experience from their master's degree). So it's a win-win, and by doing a masters, you have not given yourself any sort of disadvantage.
  12. If you did a thesis based masters and demonstrated academic productivity, you still get an advantage for U of T, since grad students are assessed from a pool of only grad students (and not undergraduate students).
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