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  1. In this coming September, I will be attending McMaster for life science. Right now, I am in a dilemma where I do not know what I wanna be in the future and this has concerned me. Throughout high school, being a doctor has always been my number one priority, but after researching different healthcare options two others came to mind. I know this may be a little earlier to ask such a question, but I wanna be prepared for the future and not regret my decision that I made. If any of you guys can provide pros/cons to each profession that would be extremely helpful. Also, suggestions for backups
  2. It's great to hear that you guys enjoyed your time at mac! I'm 99% sure I will apply there this winter
  3. For those that attended mac life science, how was your experience? Was it as competitive as many would perceive it to be? Would you recommend others to attend if they want to get into med/pharmacy school? I'm very curious to what you guys have to say since I am thinking about applying there.
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