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  1. Hello, This question is regarding my own situation I have been doing my own research on the forum regarding this situation, but it has done nothing besides feed my anxiety. Coming out of highschool, I had a lot of trouble transitioning into Uni life. I was a 90+ student in highschool but initially could not handle university. Basically: I have 3 years of withdrawn courses with a few B's here and there.. I have sought out the proper support and am back on the right track this year. In a program I enjoy with a full course-load and have aced all my midterms.
  2. Hello, am posting for a friend who is not a member but is really looking for advice. cGPA: 3.85 2yr GPA: 3.9 MCAT : Psych/soc - 130 Chem/phys 125 CARS - 128 Bio - 128 TOTAL = 511 EC's - 2 years aboriginal inner city volunteering - Founded indigenous newborn health curriculum for health centre in northern Quebec - 3 years youth hockey coaching - 4 years hospital volunteering - 2 years research assistant (no pubs) in hospital - Highly skilled jazz guitarist - Multiple marathons Let me know if the MCAT needs r
  3. I know how U of T's GPA weighting system works, but how does it work if you are not eligible for weighting? Is it just cGPA minus summer courses? Also, I know they do not consider summer courses, though I have a few very low marks in summer courses. Would those on my transcript along with some withdrawals hurt me? How heavily are EC's weighed? Thank you for accepting this word-vomit of a post.
  4. Honestly, your GPA is very low for Canadian medical schools. It is not impossible, but most applicants have GPA's at least over 3.75/3.8. It is not impossible, look into specific medical schools, some adjust GPA! Best of luck.
  5. Does Ottawa U ONLY assess the years of UG you carried a full course load in?? Also, do the pre reqs, if done in the summer, count towards GPA? Or any summer courses for that matter?
  6. Really appreciate the response. Thank you.
  7. Am thinking of moving to Yukon for IP. How do people who more there finance their lives? Any suggestions? Are there people looking for roommates? Am new to this. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  8. Personally, I would take one more year and REALLY bear down and try new study techniques. Get that MCAT up over 505. Also spend the year volunteering and doing things your passionate about/working depending if you have to. Your GPA is definitely competitive as an IP applicant... get that MCAT up!
  9. Hello!! Wondering how the aGPA works? I am an applicant with a year of absolutely AWFUL close to failing grades due to some health issues (was a 95+ student in high school). UBC is my target school and I want to know whether I still have a chance based on the adjustment of my GPA. Thanks!!!!!
  10. Thanks very much. For the schools who adjust your GPA, are the 'bad grades' really not a factor taken into consideration at all? Like, Queens for example?
  11. Going to cut to the chase. I am 21 and essentially have only a few university courses done (5?) with all horrible grades, C's or D's. I struggled with some health issues up until this point. I was a 95+ student in HS and have always wanted to be a physician. I am hoping to bounce back, start from square 1 and rock my undergrad this September. Even if I do that, have I got a chance despite my messy transcript of dropped courses and bad grades? Honest advice please. Thanks.
  12. Alas, I have returned with quite a story to tell. (not really). I laughed considerably when I read this thread.. I did not think anyone would answer when I initially posted. First of all, thanks to everyone who offered my sorry self some advice, minus freewheeler, you a savage! haha. I did end up asking her out for coffee, which she agreed to. Coffee date went swimmingly (with a few awkward spots not gonna lie). We then texted for a few weeks, agreed to go to a movie, but it never ended up happening. ET VOILA! I really wish I could tell you guys
  13. Hello all, I would like someone to clarify the IP benefits of moving to the north for 1 year.. 2 years +? Which schools do you receive benefits for? How does this all work? Thanks a ton
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