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  1. I don't think anyone can really chance you, especially for Queen's. No one knows what the GPA cut off is, but I would wager your MCAT is good and your ECs sound good from a scholarly point of view. Make sure you get feedback on your ABS and make the most of the descriptions. The absolute best advice I can give is to get someone in health care (ideally a med student) to review your ABS and give honest critics. The ABS is to describe you and what your skills are that you're bringing to medicine, not just a description of the position.
  2. I read that on their website last year when I applied. But I just checked again and it says to call it “manuscript in progress” so nevermind!
  3. Yes it’s fine to put in progress (I remembered some school didn’t accept these and originally put Ottawa but I checked and that’s wrong so nvm!). I wouldn’t put in the “to be submitted to JAMA” part as it’s pretty meaningless since it hasn’t been submitted, and it’s really just an attempt to name drop the journal.
  4. Ouch. I really disagree with this Having applied three times CASPer is without a doubt this worst, most ineffective screening tool I’ve ever seen. Especially with the increasing prep companies making their own “How to’s” to fake your way through the CASPer it’s just one more hurdle for people.
  5. For Dalhousie you have to submit all your MCAT attempts and they take the best score so both will be visible. Good luck!
  6. LOVE the yellow! #teampissyellow finally won out this year! <3 Can’t wait to swarm campus with y’all
  7. Just my 2 cents from someone who did a course-based masters and worked a couple of years before getting in: For your pros: - It seems like you already enjoy research, so that's a great first step. Especially if you want to do a PhD later on. It would also help give you the time to get some conferences in or hopefully a publication. - I disagree with the flexibility aspect. Grad school is HARD and very time consuming, you would get more flexibility working since at least then you're fixed from 9-5 and can do whatever you want afterwards. For your cons: - Don't worry a
  8. I agree with the others, but to answer your other questions: -it doesn’t matter which undergraduate degree you pick, both health sci and Med sci/life sci will prepare you for medical school. I would recommend looking into the programs closely to see what the first year course are like and which ones you will enjoy more. -apply to both! Tour the schools you’re interested in and ask questions to the program about your interests. Do you want group projects? Labs? A guaranteed senior thesis? All of these are different between programs and you should pick the one you want and you’re interes
  9. I'm gonna throw in my two cents but please remember to take everything on this form with more than a grain of salt. There's a huge bias in the reporting here that often makes it feel like it's impossible to get in without a perfect GPA and MCAT. I would say if you truly want to become a physician, you should keep applying. Many people take multiple applications to get accepted, so while it's disappointing to get rejected, you shouldn't lose hope now (It took me three applications). It seems like you have pretty great ECs, a good GPA and MCAT. From what I know about UofA and UC, the
  10. Your references are totally fine. I had two professors and one manager from my work place. Your manager is the non academic reference so it's fine. References (as far as I know) are reviewed by every school except McMaster.
  11. Yeah there's no group chat (although you should make one if you want!) I think most people are waiting for people to choose the school they're going to go to. Right now the group has everyone that got accepted to Queen's, with people that ended up choosing other schools still in the mix as well.
  12. I do agree that the context, age, and what exactly you said does matter, however I think this last bit is a slippery slope. If you only stop using racial and homophobic slurs when you get into medicine/professional school bc it can now backfire on you, and not because you see and really understand why what you said was wrong, then you lack a lot of emotional maturity/understanding about why this language is harmful. (I'm not saying you don't have it supadupafly, just people in this situation.) And I really disagree with the direction this conversation kinda went with trying to delete the
  13. This is a really difficult situation, but I think you might have answered your own question in this post. It's absolutely not too late, you still have 2 years left of undergraduate to bring up your average while getting amazing exposure in the accelerated nursing program. If you truly want it you definitely have the time to make it happen. It will be a challenge but if not applying is something you're going to regret, and know medicine is for you, then you should absolutely try.
  14. Also #teampissyellow! I think it would be odd to do blue 3 times in the last 5 years. I really want to see what the purple looks like.
  15. Yeah I think it takes a full 48 hours, but it seems like it's 2 business days since I paid on Saturday and it hasn't shown up yet.
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