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  1. Oh definitely if its a tertiary care hospital or even an acute care hospital in a bigger town. The girl I knew worked as a ward clerk at the IWK which is a fairly large hospital in the maritimes. I'm in a very small rural town where there isn't a lot of work. I've asked people who hold these positions about what they do. I've also offered the manager of the ward that I can work for free for a month and they can evaluate me. My issue is that I have gotten jobs related to my field which I would not mind working, but those jobs are out of province. I can't leave the province as I'll l
  2. Yeah I understand that, but I have seen people who graduated before me with the same degree hold an administrative assistant, ward clerk etc positions at doctor's clinics and the hospital. These people have now been accepted into medical school. I've asked one of the girls who was recently accepted and she did not go back to school for an admin course. Although she was very vague on how she got the job. TBH there should be no need for a diploma if you can show through your education and experiences that you have the skills to input data into a computer, communicate with patients, healthca
  3. I have a bachelors of science and I've been applying for clerical positions or any other positions at the hospitals in my province. I haven't had one interview yet. Now I'm starting to wonder if I'm just not qualified. All of these jobs list that you need grade 12 , an administrative course, a medical terminology course. The other requirements I'm fairly sure are fulfilled by my ECs and previous work experience. I have personally gone and spoken to clerks in the departments that are hiring and the job seems to be fairly simple. I have a university degree with decent grades and I'
  4. I think UBC looks at MCAT after but they look at your grades 50% and ECs 50% and based on that score offer an interview. After the interview they look at the MCAT.
  5. I asked and its 3.87 OOP. I have a 3.85 and I'm OOP, so not sure if I should even bother applying.
  6. Yes! Or you could do a concentrated degree. Some schools offer 3 year degrees for some programs. I will warn you that this would mean a harder course load and could impact your grades. This is doable, but very few are successful. Keep in mind that you also need time for your ECs. BUT if your school offers many summer classes I'd say you could spread out your courses over the 3 years and potentially be a competitive applicant. Your first step should be to see the degree requirements for your program/major and see when you can take all courses to complete the degree. I would also rec
  7. Yes, only IF you have a degree. If not then try for UOttawa, or Calgary.
  8. I believe that if you are able to complete a 4 year or equivalent (meaning that you're getting transfer credits from your previous years) then that is going to count as a 4 year degree. Make sure to clarify with admissions how they will look at your academic transcript.
  9. Hey guys Just posting a link here I found recently. There are tons of articles organized by discipline. This might be most useful for those who have 6 months+ before they write. DON'T FORGET TO GIVE BACK TO THE FORUM https://forums.studentdoctor.net/threads/jack-westin-cars-course-practice-reading.1170083/
  10. Yes, you can take this route. I myself considered it, but later felt that there was no point for me to do another degree. You will not be able to apply until the end of your 2nd year as they only look at 2 recent years from one degree. So you can't use your GPA from the years of your previous degree (i.e. your 4th year + 1st year BScN) If you have concerns about degree assessment you should contact admissions to clarify.
  11. So if you have a 100% you still only get a ~46.8. I wish they had just scaled the GPA out of 50 so that and 80 would be a 40/50 haha.
  12. Here are some recommendations from the admissions review committee. The Committee recommends: 1. That a minimum threshold for GPA and MCAT marks be set with no scaling of scores that exceed the threshold levels. 2. That the Terms of Reference and composition of the Admissions Committee be amended to mandatorily include representatives of the African-Canadian and Aboriginal communities and to reflect gender equity; 3. That the criteria for eligibility as an African-Canadian or Aboriginal candidate be determined by a process of ongoing collaboration with the African-C
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