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  1. Oh np; I got into law school, which would be helpful as I gotta take care of my family's business!
  2. Good luck everyone! I have withdrawn my app so one less person in the queue! You got this
  3. HOW? I was doing research in my third year and I can tell you it was hard to get first-author publication with the amount of effort I put in. It takes time to get papers published so they must have started research in first year or so, unless I am missing something. I am just so curious!
  4. Depends on school! Wayne requires full fees to be paid of upfront
  5. I would not blame yourself or call you worthless by any means. I honestly suggest that you take a year off to improve your self-worth before you tackle your GPA. Good mental health is necessary to attain good GPA and it will be difficult to focus on study. In your gap year, you can seek professional help, volunteer, work and gain confident etc. Don't change your personality, enhance it!
  6. I guess we would never truly know but in addition to what others say, CARMS put DO under UDMG category for data purposes and you may know that DO are considered IMG so that alone does skew the data, reported on CARMS. Unfortunately, CARMS does not put data separately for DO and MD. EDIT: here is the email
  7. Second iteration for CARMS occurs after NRMP match! "Match results for the second iteration of the 2019 is 10 April 2019 at 12:00 (noon) ET"
  8. Thats true but GPA is also important and so is the type of degree. I switch from an interesting degree and had taken second-level courses, where highest average was merely 80! Yes, I was the one who got 80 but med school would never know or even care about that part because such information is unknown to them. What matters in the end is your grades (and interview) in comparison to others!
  9. You can use free alternative sources such as Google Sheets https://www.google.com/sheets/about/
  10. What about DO graduate from US? They are considered IMG by Carms standard too. Isn' t the concept that "IMG are lower" contradictory here?
  11. Yes the 15k/year is for us med school so I am assuming that it would be higher for Canadian med school
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