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  1. Despite of what the other posts said, I think ur chances are golden.
  2. Hi, I am applying to UBC this year. I did terrible on my Casper. I barely have time to do question 3 for several scenarios (but I think I did pretty well for all the first questions of all the scenarios). Does UBC Dentistry weights Casper heavily? Is Casper super important for this?
  3. So you mean actually many dentists work in both hospital and in their own clinics?
  4. Thanx for letting me know this. I will definitely try it again, but at the same time, I will do DAT, just in case.
  5. Oh. Thanx for letting me know this! How about oral medicine? What's the difference between oral med and oral path? Also, just wondering, will dentist be able to work in hospitals? Or they mostly just run their own business
  6. Thanx for this. I am just considering Dentistry recently, and I know it is not easy to get in and it won't be easy after you have graduated. Don't even consider the specialist in Dentistry right now (ex: orthodontist, endo, oral med, or oral path). They are all hard. I get that. And thanx for your suggestions in switching my fields or objectives. I have considered this option as well. I am in pharmacology right now, so I have been thinking about switching into pharmacy. They are related. And pharmacy gives better career options. At least, this is what I think
  7. Hi, I think I need some serious suggestions over here. I finished my first MCAT exam this August, and I only got 502 (127/121/127/127). As you can see my CARS is terrible, but to be honest, this is the section I spent the most time on and practiced the most. I have exhausted all the CARS practice tests on market. I am in forth year right now, and I know I won't get a chance this year in any of the Canadian med school due to my terrible CARS. My friend has suggested dentistry to be since the reading comprehension section of DAT is easier than the CARS in MCAT. Well, it may be true,
  8. Thank you so much for letting me to know this. I was so confused. Do you know anything about oral pathologist? I know this is from the dental path, but I know very few info about this career since not many dentists actually become oral pathologist by the end.
  9. Based on what I know so far, becoming a pathologist require a MD degree; however, when I searched online for Master in Pathology and PhD in pathology, it says ppl with a BSC degree can apply too? So what is the difference between MSC/PhD in Pathology and the Pathology residency? If I just have a BSC, and apply to MSC in pathology, what I will do and where I will work in future after I completed the Master degree? I assume it is definitely not the same as those pathologist who have finished MD right?
  10. Thank you very much for letting me know this. Cuze there are so few ppl who actually become oral medicine specialist or oral pathologist, so I don't actually know too much info about this.
  11. I am thinking about becoming an oral medicine specialist in Canada. I did some research by myself online, but I did not get much info. How can I become an oral medicine specialist after I have graduated from dental school? Also, how long does it take for the specialist training? How much do oral medicine specialist make per year? Do they work in hospitals or open up their own business like other dentists?
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