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  1. Is it still possible they send decisions tonight since their office closes at 5!?
  2. I think you must have at least 4 academic years on your transcript DONE( for instance 2015/2016 , 16/17, 17/18 , 18/19) and they will drop the lowest of the 4. I suggest you to email them to be sure.
  3. Invite GPA: 3.92 PAT: 22, AA:22 Inbox me to practice for interview.
  4. Got an 18 on rc but still got 22aa and 22 pat. Does anyone know if UOft looks at my rc as a red flag or they just look at aa?
  5. So we’ll receive dat score around Christmas and UOft invitation early January?
  6. i wrote cdat today. used, bootcamp, crusher, destroyer.. (purchased crackdat for RC only) everybody talks about DC being more representative. i agree but its because its slightly easier than BC in all subjects except PAT, more like cdat. I think BC prepares you a bit better but DC is more representative. I rate BC:9/10...DC: 7.5/10...overall destroyer : If chem isn't your strength, then I recommend it for chem only, as it makes every single question on the real dat effortless. crackdat was ok for RC, it really improved my speed because their passages are outrageously long.
  7. They interview 180 people and accept 96. From previous years stats if you are in the top 20 of the waiting list you are pretty much guaranteed to get in. Which means 64% chance of acceptance for people who got an interview. They usually end up taking more than 20 people from waitlist so chill guys haha
  8. did u only read the bio summery notes or you read all chapters in detail? my guess is u r a bio major, right?
  9. the topic says it all ! I don't have any experience working in a research group. how important is it for uoft and uwo? do you guys know anyone that got accepted recently without research experience?
  10. hi I took 30 credits last year and 30 credits this year to meet the requirements of UWO. however, due to strike at Yorku last year, I was not able to finish a 3 credits course and my prof told me dropping the course is the only option. If I drop the course I wont meet UWO requirement that is minimum of two years with 30 credits. so, I called UWO admission office and they told me that I can explain this in the reference section of my application. apparently they look at each case independently. I personally think , chances that they accept this is low... what do ya'll think?
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