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  1. I would like to attend McMaster. I'll check on their website for prerequisites. Thank you everyone for the help.
  2. Hello everyone, a few months back I came to this forum regarding on the process of becoming a pathologist and I think it's something that I would really enjoy to do. That being said, I understand that for med school, the MCAT must be written in university. I am currently taking the IB program in Ontario and I was wondering if it was acceptable to not take physics in highschool but in university instead. The way it works in IB is that out of the six fields you must take 3 Higher level courses and 3 Standard level courses. One has the option to double up a course in a field, for example, i
  3. Thank you so much for helping me. One final question is it a good idea to attend McMaster's for all my years of studying. For example, I can go to McMaster's Uni, then McMaster's Med school and then McMaster's General Pathology Residency.
  4. I am currently in high school (Grade 10) and I am interested in a career in the health field. I would love to become a pathologist and I have been looking at how to become one and I am so lost. Once I finish high school, do I attend a standard university, then medical school and then residency? I have been using my blueprint to help with some of the universities that I can attend to become a pathologist and one of the universities my parents would like me to go to is Mcmaster's University. I saw on my blueprint that under the requirements section, McMaster's three-year medicine program was lis
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