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  1. For people that have gotten rejection letters with their EC score (especially with multiple applications), any speculation about how the grading process might work? Do you think it's one point per activity that is deemed significant enough. Do you think 4 weak entries in a section could combine to give 1 or 2 points? Just looking for people's thoughts
  2. There are certain experiences I have in my top 16 that only my parents would be able to verify. For people who've used their parents or another family member, how did the UofA respond? Were they okay with it or did they ask for other sources of verification, documentation, etc.
  3. Any answer you get is really just going to be speculation since the UofA will not release how much it weights the MCAT. From looking at the sample size of people accepted and rejected, the MCAT doesn't appear to be the limiting factor. Of course, a higher MCAT will most likely increase your odds of getting in. Although, I would say it's more valuable to get better ECs this summer if you can. If you're not in a position to get a good chunk of ECs/hours added to your application before this fall, I'd rewrite the MCAT.
  4. That's awesome, just what I was looking for. And congrats!
  5. 514 is above the accepted UofA average so it's a great score to begin with. It seems like UofA is making ECs more heavily weighted. Although, I'd suggest rewriting you MCAT to make up for your GPA especially since UofA wouldn't penalize you even if you got a lower score the second time.
  6. Do many people get interviews or into medicine at UofA without filling out all slots for the personal activities? I have several long-term commitments but not enough to fill out everything. Any anecdotes would also be appreciated.
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