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  1. Hey! Has anyone received a link to this survey yet? My understanding is that it was to come after the offer? thanks
  2. Felt the same way. Applied a 5th time and got lucky. Best of luck if you do!
  3. 5 applications.. 3 interviews and I got in. Can’t believe it! VMFP
  4. The luck factor is real! 3rd interview here, expecting the worst. Feels almost random post interview. Never understood how it’s possible someone would be taken on their first try over someone who has applied and interview 3+ times. But c’est la vie!
  5. I figured this is what it is, I always found it interesting that this part of the application occurred before the part where they put in a disclaimer indicating the following sections would be for data collection only
  6. 5th time applicant here waiting anxiously for results! just curious if there was any insight as to if the number of previous applications has affect on the decision process? The online application system does ask about this information when making an application. The optimist in me really hopes it plays a role but given that I was rejected post interview last year on my 4th attempt I doubt it Cheers!
  7. So just to confirm you got in after feeling it went poorly? I have read and heard of people with all sorts of interview scores either getting below average, average and above average getting in, waitlisted or rejected. To me the evaluation process is a true mystery. I had two interviews, one I felt went awful (albeit it was my first) and the second a million times better and both were below average. Just had my third and I felt it akin to the second one. I honestly have no idea what that will translate to.
  8. Honestly it’s such a black box in terms of what gets you an interview, let alone in. I left the research part blank. yeah definitely if you can afford the extra time to review your app it might help!
  9. One thing that worked for me personally was that I really focused on how I wrote my activities. It’s landed me 3 interviews (and here’s hoping the third works out). No guarantees it will have any impact but something to consider going forward. I know how frustrating it is when you have a lot on your plate and you feel like taking on more won’t make a difference. Ultimately it is up to you on what you think is best, good luck!
  10. Invite at 10:17. IP this is my 5th application and 3rd straight interview. Lucky to even be considered as my MCAT expired but was granted exception due to Covid-19 (they extended eligibility for 2015 mcats). this will be my final attempt. Hopefully after 3 interviews it will work out
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