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  1. Honestly it’s such a black box in terms of what gets you an interview, let alone in. I left the research part blank. yeah definitely if you can afford the extra time to review your app it might help!
  2. One thing that worked for me personally was that I really focused on how I wrote my activities. It’s landed me 3 interviews (and here’s hoping the third works out). No guarantees it will have any impact but something to consider going forward. I know how frustrating it is when you have a lot on your plate and you feel like taking on more won’t make a difference. Ultimately it is up to you on what you think is best, good luck!
  3. Invite at 10:17. IP this is my 5th application and 3rd straight interview. Lucky to even be considered as my MCAT expired but was granted exception due to Covid-19 (they extended eligibility for 2015 mcats). this will be my final attempt. Hopefully after 3 interviews it will work out
  4. Well I lucked out and ubc just validated my what was expired (2015) mcat for one more go around the block. Not sure how to feel... 2 below average interviews back to back doesn’t give me the confidence but I guess a free shot at applying is worth it!
  5. Sorry to hear! Yeah honestly it just leaves a sour taste in my mouth.
  6. I’ve been working on HR certifications recently, looking to get into that field. Rejection at 7am
  7. Rejected! not surprised at all, 4th time applicant, 75th-100th percentile, 517 mcat. IP. Somehow got a below average interview again even though I felt it went completely different from last time. Probably done applying forever so the dream for me is all but dead. I’ll never wrap my head around how they accept first time applicants over someone who has applied 4 times. Oh well. All the best!
  8. Me either, I’ve resigned to the fact it’s gunna be a no tomorrow. Makes it easier to not have hope at least for me!
  9. Congrats! I can’t imagine the feeling of getting into one, or potentially two schools!
  10. Thank you! If you are waiting for news I wish you the best as well
  11. Well, tomorrow is potentially my last day of having the dream of being a doctor. With an expiring mcat and a 45% acceptance for in province applicants (assuming maximum seat allocation for out of province), its been a heck of a ride. I hope for good news but I don’t feel confident. I likely have a low TFR as per last few cycles and a 125 cars (but good overall score). Wishing everyone all the best on Wednesday!
  12. I hope it goes well for you too! Here’s to hoping that section where you tick off how many times you have applied pays off and they factor it in
  13. I’m nervous because this is my fourth application, second interview, and my mcat is expiring. I don’t have it in me I don’t think to write it again. So this is it for me. I hope they look at that and consider how many times I’ve applied when deciding who to take.
  14. I don’t know maybe it’s my frustrations, but reading some passages on a test really doesn’t seem to be an indicator of ones personality and how they would perform in school. I know there is probably statistics behind it but I’d be frustrated to know that was the thing stopping me from getting In (125 in cars, 517 overall)
  15. I always thought ubc looked at the mcat holistically but I could be wrong. Didn’t think they looked at sections individually after the interview
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