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  1. Its nice to see some schools combining some in-person stuff with online stuff. At UAlberta, everything is 100% online, lectures are a given but the small group stuff too.
  2. Looking at this makes me extra sad because I personally love every years backpack color except for ours
  3. Likewise! I live in edmonton anyway so that makes it easy. Id love to get to know everyone
  4. I think that theres going to be some things that are in-person, like group sessions and other small group things. We got an email the other day from UofA (current student) and I could be wrong but it sounded like programs in the FoMD were applying for exceptions to online learning. I think if I was in your shoes, I'd be leaning towards moving to YEG
  5. omg stop i dont need this kind of negative thought in my life hahahaha
  6. Maybe I'm just eager but is anyone else still waiting to be accepted to the facebook group? I think I sent the request to join a week ago. I changed my primary email to my ualberta one as someone kindly suggested and I see the group members have gone up by 40, so Im just wondering. Just thought I'd let you guys know I got accepted to the group last night! I did what someone suggested which was to be part of the UAlberta group, make sure my primary email on FB was my ualberta one, and the next day they accepted my request
  7. OMG I LOVE THE BURGUNDY! Fingers crossed for that (or purple)! Its so chic and won't look as dirty as the blue one. I strongly dislike the yellow and orange lol my eyes hurt looking at them
  8. Any second years here wanna give us hints? To get us excited.....
  9. Parking is quite expensive, its about 110+/month, depending on the lot. Also, it can be difficult to get the lot of your choice because as soon as the system opens (in July I believe) its first come first serve. I personally drive because the commute for me is over 2 hours a day since I live quite north, but in general the LRT is super convenient and runs regularly! I would recommend LRTing. Also it feels a bit safer in the winter because the roads can get quite bad sometimes.
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