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  1. I second this post, is there anyway we could find out if we got a scholarship?
  2. Wow that was one heck of a sleep. I fell asleep and just woke up!!! TIME STAMP: probably sometime during REM?!?   Result: Admitted with condition !!! pre-reqGPA: 4.0 MCAT: Not submitted Feeling About MMI : wow I walked out of there thinking I was destroyed. I thought I will be rejected for sure.  IP/OOP/International: IP  Comment : I am in tears. I am going to slap myself to make sure I am awake!
  3. Anyone got waitlisted or refused in the past hour or so?
  4. I think it's time for coffee break, I literally got finger cramp
  5. It looks like they are releasing refusals first, and to be fair, it may the most humane thing to do, so that we dont wait for hours just to find out we have been rejected!
  6. oh my God, what is going on this year? I think they may be shrinking the waitlist, hence the rejections?
  7. I'm so sorry!!! Please keep your head high! I am still waiting and may be in your position in a matter of minutes, but the words I am repeating in my head are no matter the outcome this too shall pass and the sun will rise again tomorrow, we just have to learn from it! Hope you feel better soon!!!
  8. One way or another I think it is better to know than be left in a limbo!!
  9. I believe they start updating the statuses (stati?) at 10:00. Complete and utter speculation though!
  10. I foresee broken F5 buttons today!!! I wish everyone a great day!
  11. It is a Minerva change following an email in the evening.
  12. To all my friends who are eagerly and impatiently waiting like myself, whether it is Friday Monday or Tuesday let’s take our mind off of it a little bit; I came across this and it really helped me, I hope It can come your nerves down a bit as well. This man was a personal hero of mine!
  13. Hey Guys I hope that I don’t create a panic with this post. As we get closer to the magical Monday, please use this thread to report your outcomes. I removed EC and cGPA as at this point it is only prereq GPA that plays a role: TIME STAMP:  Result: pre-reqGPA: MCAT: Feeling About MMI (please be mindful of NDA): Year: IP/OOP/International: comments: Good Luck to all my comrades. Every step of this journey has been bitter sweet. There has been tears of joy and disappointment but very soon we shall know
  14. Hi folks, This is for those who, like myself have reapplied in the past and been rejected, but showed resilience and reapplied. Did you get your ranking? if so, did you do anything from last year to this year to address or reflect on the ranking you received? This also goes to all those who got accepted after the second time and got in, how did you use the rankings to your benefit? Food for thought I guess as we wait
  15. I do have to disagree with you a bit on this one as I have a first hand experience last year. I won’t divulge too much as I have mentioned this numerous times during the interview week to people and I would rather stay fairy anonymous that being said last year I had a terrible pre requisite gpa however I was waitlisted post refusal I got my rankings. Essentially I would have been accepted without waitlist if it wasn’t for my prereq gpa (ranked in the 50s for MMI) but my prereq gpa pushes my to the back. When I talked to the admission office they said interview invites are independent of prere
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