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  1. Posting for a friend, her account is not working!!! TIME STAMP: 10:04 AM Result: Admitted with condition Pre-req GPA: 4.00 MCAT: N/A Feeling About MMI (please be mindful of NDA): I actually thought it was very fun and much less stressful than a traditional interview because you just have to be your best (professional) self and can focus entirely on the MMI situation. Some stations were better or worse than others but being that everyone was so welcoming I just left with a good feeling in general! Year: 1st year MSc IP/OOP/International: IP Comments: I
  2. Thoughts on the growing trend of med vloggers? First-year McMaster gen surg resident if anyone's interested in surgery-specific videos
  3. Maybe it'll start on a different day this year! We'll know soon enough
  4. I was told by an upper-year student that formal faculty orientation starts September 4th, which lasts two weeks. Frosh started on the Saturday before school started (which would be September 1st this year) and ran until the Saturday or Sunday after the first week of class, making it around 9 days in total. Frosh is optional but faculty orientation is mandatory. Hope that answers your questions!
  5. I did 4 practice tests by Astroff and thought it was 100% worth the money personally (and it's also way way cheaper than BeM). Have someone else review your exams, ideally someone that's in healthcare. I did one practice test in the summer as a baseline, and one practice test every week for three weeks leading up to the exam. It was really really helpful, the length of my answers doubled, and I felt much less stressed about taking the exam.
  6. Here's the overview of the curriculum at uOttawa. Clerkship starts in Year 3 with core rotations that happen at your home school. During Year 4, at uOttawa, there are 10 weeks of pre-CaRMS electives. Like @PhD2MD said, you can book your electives anywhere in Canada. Students normally book electives to schools that they would be interested in attending for residency.
  7. @Donald_Duck are there no laptop bursaries after all?
  8. I personally took the French CASPer on October 22nd, which I believe was the latest date. There was another date around a couple of days or a week before I believe. It unfortunately falls close to midterm season, so be sure to prepare early! I believe that I saw a previous post saying that there is a cutoff, but either way, you should definitely do your absolute best and prepare beforehand. If you need any advice, let me know!
  9. The acceptance letter from admissions stated that registration will take place on September 4th!
  10. Would anyone be able to shed light on the amount that they received (or have heard others receive) from the Multiple Needs Scholarships at uOttawa as a medical student?
  11. Result: Accepted! French Stream Time-stamp: 6:30 AM wGPA: 4.0 CASPer: I thought the CASPer went super well! I did 4 timed practice tests from Astroff (not sponsored, but I actually recommend buying the practice tests) and really saw a lot of improvement through every test! I also read Doing Right and reviewed basic medical ethics principles with a medical student. If you have any questions about CASPer, message me! ECs: Diverse with a lot of teaching jobs (skating, lifeguarding, swimming), NSERC USRA, president of a committee in CÉGEP, president of my program's stud
  12. You can also complete pre-requisite courses during your application year, but they must be complete before the summer term preceding admission, which would be June 2019 in your case!
  13. In terms of what the formatting was last year, OMSAS doesn't specifically have a "duration" section in each ABS component. Instead, they ask you to put a start and end date for each component. So in your case, you could write September 2017 to March 2018 They do ask you to estimate the number of hours that you spent volunteering in total though!
  14. It's all your semesters combined! I called Diane last semester cause I was scared about a particular course! But don't worry, just calculate your combined wGPA and you should definitely be above the cutoff if you got interviewed this year
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