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  1. I think the takeaway message here is not to beat ourselves up over how we think we did on our interviews. As easy that may be to say, it's not the end of the world ... at least that helps for me lol
  2. Sorry to hear about what you went through. You kept up a decent GPA though, so nice work! Given your stats atm, I don't think you are competitive at any Ontario school. If you can bump up your MCAT that would give you more options of where to apply. As for moving to BC, that might help with your chances but be aware that UBC also looks at your ECs and not just your GPA.
  3. Interesting... and that is a good point that you bring up. There are ways for students to get around prereqs without those courses affecting their GPAs. This probably speaks more to how strategies used have only helped to contribute to the grade inflation.
  4. Yes, I was only trying to defend my point about how the removal of tougher prereqs could explain the grade inflation seen across programs. You had said you don't believe this to be a major factor, pointing out that Ottawa receives more applications than UofT. This despite the former having more prereqs. And that is true, but I am saying that the number of applications a school receives does not correlate with the competitiveness of the applicants themselves. I don't think the fact that students are more driven is the sole reason for this shift in grades, that's all. However I do recognize that
  5. I used UBC as an example to show that the inflation we see could be due to schools dropping their prereqs. I don't know the exact prereqs that were required by other schools 5 years ago, but from speaking to an acquaintance who's a resident now, they mentioned that UofT did have a different set of prereqs when they applied. This would've been over 5 years ago. McMaster's Health Sciences program as an example does not require its students to take organic chemistry or any calculus courses which would help boost their GPAs since those are typically viewed as harder courses. If there are other stu
  6. That's true, I don't think this trend is unique to just healthcare professions - it's for almost anything lol
  7. Hard to say for UBC however since they just removed the main science prereqs starting this cycle. It would be interesting to see if there is a bigger difference 2-3 cycles from now as current applicants most likely would have taken these prereqs already (those courses are still calculated as part of their GPAs). And for the case of UofO, it's possible that applicants may not be aware of the competitive averages needed for acceptance. UofT publishes this clearly on their website so it can act as a deterrent for those with lower GPAs from applying. Also, UofO doesn't require the MCAT or look at
  8. I would speculate that it has to do with a few reasons. One, a tougher economic climate has made it difficult for those without a stable and secure job to lead a "comfortable" life. Health professions such as the ones you've listed make it easier for such, and so have swayed more students to pursue these careers than one might have seen in the past. This isn't to say that financial security is the sole reason in wanting to be a doctor for students, but it is certainly a factor. Second, certain universities and programs make it easier to achieve of higher grades and/or are more conducive t
  9. For me, I left the interview feeling pretty good. Now that it's over and done with, and I've had more time to ruminate, I feel as if I could've done a lot better. There were a couple of stations where I didn't know what the expected response was or that I think I could've expanded on more, but I suppose that's the MMI for you. Hopefully we all hear back some good news on May 9th!
  10. I agree with JR2. Receiving two interviews is an accomplishment in itself! At the stage that you're in, receiving an acceptance would be contingent on your interview performance so focus on that and try your best. In terms of a Plan B, if I were in your situation, I would just work as a research assistant or find some temporary job while continuing with my volunteer activities because based on your stats and ECs everything seems great. If you're interested in research then that could be an option for you to pursue as well. Good luck!!
  11. Hi there, I'd say IP schools are where you have the biggest advantage at so definitely apply to UAlberta and UCalgary. I'm not overly familiar with the selection process of either of these schools so I can't comment much about your competitiveness there. For Ontario schools, you'd have a higher chance of getting an invite if your cGPA/ wGPA is approximately 3.85+. Many schools have special weighting formulas, such as UWO looking at best two years and UofT dropping 8 of your lowest courses if you've taken 5 courses/ semester, so do look into that and recalculate your GPA. Otherwise, yo
  12. Yeah I wonder how many invites are still remaining. Maybe less than 20%?
  13. That's good to know, thanks for calling in! It's also interesting that when my friend called a few weeks ago, admissions told them that they couldn't reveal anything about their application status... perhaps I should call in too to ask about whether or not my file has been reviewed to end this wait ASAP
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