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  1. Any facebook groups for uOttawa OT/PT? We should start one if not
  2. Didn’t see a lot of posts for Ottawa, so I’m posting my stats to help future applicants considering that Ottawa is more or less secretive with stats on their website. Applied (PT): Ottawa Accepted (PT) : Ottawa Waitlisted: Rejected: cGPA : 3.9 In terms of experience related to PT, I had accumulated hundreds of hours of work in a PT clinic (hospital setting) focused on post-surgery rehab. I also shadowed numerous PTs during that time. Over the summer, I volunteered in a PT clinic specialized in helping patients with serious physical disabilities. Not sure if thi
  3. If I remember correctly, if you’re on gmail, you click on the three dots of the email to show more options. Then click on “show original”. If you scroll down, you will see something like 06:34:XX. XX would be the seconds you’re looking for.
  4. Looks like the good WL. You can check the exact time stamp (beyond 9:34) of the email creation in the email details.
  5. Quel est le nombre de candidat(e)s placés en liste d’attente en 2020? On sait qu'en 2021, c'est 449 collegiens et 249 universitaire?
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