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  1. @Amamo Alright thanks for the info Has anyone on here gotten in or know someone who has gotten in between June 1st and now? I thought the deposit would create some movement but I haven't heard anything
  2. How about for Western? I think it's only moved like 3 or 4 spots so far... is that normal for this point of the cycle? P.S. Does anyone know when the deposit for Schulich is due? Maybe that would spark a bit of movement? I dunno :/
  3. Yeah the UofT thing is what I'm worried about :/ but like @Zaandrei. said, I doubt they would have factored that in
  4. Is it weird for the waitlist to have moved only 2 or 3 spots by now? Can any dental students comment on when waitlist movement happened in the year that they applied? Was it this slow for you guys too or was there more movement by now?
  5. I really don't know, I'm just passing on the info that the dental students told me! I'm not a dental student so I can't say for sure!
  6. I know a few students who got into dental school at both UofT and UWO, and all of them chose UofT instead of UWO. When I asked them why, they mentioned a few reasons: 1. Toronto is a much better city than London 2. UofT has more opportunities to specialize 3. UofT has more opportunities for research 4. UofT provides better networking opportunities with other dental professionals, which is helpful when it comes to wanting to shadow specialists I can't give you advice on this because I'm not even in dental school, but I'm just passing on the info these students gave me s
  7. @dental2016 did your friend also decline already or are they going to be declining in the next few days?
  8. What do you think are the chances for someone on high waitlist? I know you're saying UWO doesn't move much anymore so I'm just worried that maybe the high waitlist won't move very much either...
  9. Solid idea, I'm sure all those waitlisted would appreciate it if people could post so that everyone can have a better idea of how things may shake out I got waitlisted at UWO, but as we all know UWO doesn't tell you waitlist # so I'm really unsure about my chances. I'm hoping for the best! Does anyone know when wait lists tend to move? I know that there will likely be some movement after med acceptances come out next week, but in the past has the waitlist ever moved prior to that?
  10. Waitlisted GPA: 88.7 DAT(AA/RC/PAT): 23/ 23/ 20 ABS/PS: Above average I'd say Interview: Felt decent, I guess it wasn't great Really hoping and praying I am high on the waitlist and I can get a seat :/
  11. I agree with those who are saying they feel like they didn't get to talk about their experiences as much as they wanted (I felt the same way). But maybe if everyone feels that way then it's fine Either way it's over now so I guess we just have to wait and see what happens!
  12. I asked the school but they said they don't provide this info. Did you get an interview @Flipperoni?
  13. Interview slots came out today for anyone that wants to know exactly when their interview is scheduled for! The add/drop process also opened today for anyone who wants to try to change their slot! I'm on April 8th- can't wait to meet those of you who are interviewing the same day!
  14. Thanks for providing all of this info guys, it's much appreciated! It's surprising how some people with really good stats are being rejected... I wonder why :/
  15. I had a 20 PAT and got an interview! On the website all it says is that "all sections of the DAT test may be considered" (except the Manual Dexterity section) but it doesn't mention anything about whether it's factored in pre-interview or post-interview, and doesn't mention whether or not they would be setting a cut off for it or anything like that. In fact, it doesn't even definitively state that they will be looking at it...it just says they "may". In other words it's quite vague, but I think it's best not to speculate since none of us actually know how they might be looking at it. For
  16. Waiting for DAT scores is getting unbearable... I can't handle it anymore loool I know all of you are telling us to chill out but it's easier said than done haha
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