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  1. How does a fail in a pass/fail course affect my application? Thanks for your help!
  2. Hello guys! I am hoping to apply for research and was wondering if anyone would be able to provide me with some constructive feedback or criticism? I have a lot going on in my resume and was wondering if I should slim it down? Thank you, I'll PM the person that wants to take a look
  3. aha I really like gardening and growing exotics trees and plants! However, also sketch here and there
  4. Hello LiconC, This strategy has ben utilized by other's as well, and yes it does work. McMaster only looks at your CARS score and do not care if you get <120 or lower. They totally disregard that. However, I would advise you to write the entire MCAT if you can as that opens up more roads and more medical schools. All in all, McMaster only looks at CARS so if you just write CARS that should be fine with them!
  5. Hello, I am in a similar position, and I think that in your case I would say to definitely do a fifth year, because I think that a 3.86 GPA (if you can get it) and with a killer 2Y wGPA would make you competitive. I am not sure what everyone else thinks. Also a strong MCAT would help your chances and you should definitely write it whenever you can! Best of luck!
  6. Hello, I was wondering how Ontario medical schools would look at a program switch? I have not completed my undergraduate degree but am thinking of switching to another degree at the start of Fall 2018. I have talked to academic advisors, and they have said I would be placed in "fourth year" but would be there for two years to complete that degree. I was then wondering how schools like western and other medical schools that require you have at-least 3 courses in that enrolled year (if 3rd year at-least 3 courses per semester at level 3 or higher) would look at this switch? Also how w
  7. 1Y: 3.71 2Y: 3.59 3Y: 3.9+ (still in third year) Have a summer semester w/ 5 courses. Pass and fail courses therefore course drops don't help me out if they did I would have 3.9 wGPA (dropping 6 courses). 4Y - all placements (therefore wondering if switching programs would be good) Currently cGPA: 3.72; after this semester around 3.75 EC: 300+ hospital volunteering (ward assistant) 100 hours w/ elderly patients program at local hospital Currently in research project with a publication hopefully Exec in a club, and long term involvement
  8. Hello everyone! I am in need of some advice and thought this would be good place to get some so here it goes. I am currently in my third year and was wondering if it is a right decision to switch my program to another one. My program is a specialization based program with 3 placements. One was last summer, and now I have two placements as my two semesters for my fourth year. I have my last semester this summer (5 courses) and that will be it. Therefore, I was wondering if it was a good idea to switch my program to another one which is more general and w/o placements. Yes, I w
  9. Hello, I have a 3.67 GPA currently (2nd year IG going to 3rd) and was wondering what my CARS score would have to be if I want to have a decent shot at McMaster this cycle. Thanks for all your help.
  10. I think checking often will give you a very likely chance if there isn't one. Also, I've heard of people that sign up for multiple slots incase they don't do well in the first time around. So maybe check around after the scores are released to see if they opt out? If you really want to write on the 9th and are situated in Toronto, try looking at centres in the states that are close to the border. Best of luck!
  11. Thank you so very much for this, I know all hope isn't lost. I will be putting forth my greatest effort into improving my GPA for a bright future. I'm glad you are doing so well! Also, do you think it might be too late to apply for research as a 3rd year student? Thanks for all your help!
  12. Do you think applying to medical school this year is a good idea with a 3.67 GPA?
  13. Hi guys, I just finished (3 months ago) my second year with a solid 3.6 GPA, and my first year was 3.7. However, due to pass/fail courses my GPA is currently around 3.67. I've always wanted to get into med, but bad studying habits and friends have led me astray and now I'm in a tough spot. I have been volunteering at a hospital for 4-5 years now but thats about my only EC. I will be going into 3rd year and will be writing the MCAT soon. I guess I need to be told that it can be done, because I really don't want to give up on this dream that I've always had. I am 100% willing to put
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