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  1. Western doesn't consider extracurricular activities from your application. It likely only matters for discussion in the interview.
  2. I'm a bit confused about this - according to the application manual, there were 157 seats in this year's first year class. However you are right about the N=250 for successful applicants on their stats page. Do they really send out 250 offers for 157 seats and just hope that about 90 people will turn down the offer?
  3. Just wondering what people are thinking about this. Do you think they are just collecting data or using this to evaluate applicants? What is the primary goal?
  4. Hey everyone, I know the podcast of the info session should be posted soon but I was wondering if anyone would be able to relay some of the important points in the interim. Specifically, I was wondering if there was any discussion of the new "traditional" interview. Thank you!!
  5. Date of Decision: Jan 19th Result: Invite wGPA: 3.92 MCAT: 129 CARS ECs: a mix of meaningful experiences from different parts of my life, about half were personal and non-academic Year: 4th year UG Geography : OOP
  6. Calgary looks at the whole MCAT for every applicant. CARS is weighted at 10% of your score and global academic context is 10%. For the academic context they evaluate a number of things (probably things like your full MCAT score, difficulty of program, whether you worked while in school etc.). Calgary is very transparent about their admission statistics so you can go on their website and see the distribution of MCAT score for successful applicants. I believe the average in each section is approximately 127 but its been a while since I've seen that report.
  7. Interview Invite or Regrets: regrets Early or Regular Deadline: regular Current Degree: BSc. Geography: OOP NAQ: 33.62 AQ: 27.17 TFR: 60.79 ECs: I decided to apply quite late so I did not list all of my extracurriculars and actually left the NAQ section quite blank (wasn't able to contact verifiers in time). I'm very surprised by my score compared to what I've read in other posts here. Other people seem to have objectively greater accomplishments than me with lower scores. I know this isn't the best NAQ out there but I will try to offer some insight. I tried to focus on d
  8. I believe the Western cut-off was 126/129/128 last cycle!
  9. Hope your situation gets resolved. Thanks for the help!
  10. Thanks for the advice everyone, I guess I'll send one last email and keep freaking out lol
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