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  1. I am doing the exact same thing. I won't believe until I have it in writing!!
  2. Does it just simply have a blank where Offer would be? Hoping as well for wait list...
  3. I'm so scared to look at OMSAS!!! Nuts that it is already there online...
  4. Oh! A bit later this year then? It was May 9th I had thought last year
  5. So should we hear in the next few days? Anyone contact admissions? Good luck everyone
  6. Status: Rejected Time: 1:11 p.m. Congratulations on all of those who got in! Best of luck to those in my boat, we will be successful!
  7. I had the feeling it was a canned answer that they could have been giving since last Friday, you know?
  8. I have a judgment on the situation that we are in right now...
  9. "We do not give out a specific date just in case of any power outages because then there would be a lot of upset people. All I can tell you is that it will be in March sometime and if you provided the correct email you will be informed when it is released" - the response I just got. Also she was rather apologetic that she couldn't give me more information.
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