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  1. Hi Ambassadors a few questions about "pre-req". i am planning on applying in 2 years (in last year of my professional degree); my core science gpa is low (2.8), but I also took physio, genetic, stat, cell bio (gpa of these is 3.5), I am also planning on taking mcat. The cavea is if I do not get admission the first round , my core pre reqs will "expire" by the year after as they would be more than 8 years by then. This may be a good thing as I would be retaking the core pre reqs and of course I would score very high on them given all my experiences by now. The questions
  2. Thanks folks! These are great insights. regarding CASPer, do we get a "score" at the end? If so, what kind of score is considered competitive or as one said "will kick butt"? ; ) and i présume i only get to write CASPer once before the admission cycle, is this correct?
  3. Thanks qnzjlo, as per cv, I have had multiple hospital experiences (3-4 diff hospitals) as part of my professional degree; abroad internship at a hospital; volunteers at hospital; 8 months of research during school in 2 labs with 1 presentation but no pubs; great leadership positions within school ; exec member of a club during my professional degree; lots of tutoring; sports accomplishment; scholarships during undergrad and professional degree; I also have strong references . How would you compare it to successful applicants you have heard of? Poor? average? Good?
  4. Hello, Of course there is no official cut-off, but given 10 OOP with historic average of >3.9, should i even consider McGill with GPA below 3.7? i would have a solid EC letter for my low first year GPA, (2nd and 3rd were 3.8-3.9); and my second degree is a professional degree. any thoughts?
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