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  1. I’m out of country and will need to come back for police check + immunizations. Does anyone know how long it takes for each one?
  2. Do people know which buildings are good to start looking at for accommodation?
  3. Result: Accepted! Geography :IP GPA: 3.54 (I know right!!) MCAT: 514 (127 CARS) Degree : Bachelors in Commerce, Masters in Psych, and post-bac sort of year to get science prerequisites for MCAT/some med schools. E.C: I’m a non-trad mature applicant - graduated from undergrad 6 years ago. First time applying however. A lot of volunteering, professional jobs post-undergrad in mental health as well as oil and gas, research, a lot of shadowing and working at psychiatry clinic, backpacking abroad, masters abroad, etc Interview: I thought it went well except for 2 of
  4. I like this idea. Let’s do this
  5. In the image below that I got from https://www.medapplications.com/university-of-alberta-medical-school-admission-requirements/ , it looks like in 2015/2016 162 students registered and 64 declined offered which adds up to 226 total offered. So if 226 were offered and 538 interviewed then that comes to 42% chance of getting an offer if interviewed. The chances look quite high. Are my calculations accurate?
  6. That’s ok! At least now we know we got an interview or not! Hard part of the wait is done.
  7. Hey I will be arriving back in Calgary weekend of March 4th and would love to join you guys.
  8. I have 2 questions that I am hoping someone can help answer: 1) Does anyone know if they only look at the interview score post-interview or if they look at everything else as well (GPA, MCAT, etc) post interview? Queens only looks at interview at that point whereas UofC considers everything post interview with their pre-established formula. Anyone know how UofA does it? 2) Out of the 538 students invited for the interview, how many students are offered seats? Thanks in advance!
  9. TIME STAMP: 2:15 pm MST Result: Invited!! cGPA: 3.56 (so surprised they still invited me!!) MCAT: 514 ECs: Masters, research/publication, a hell lot of volunteer and leadership experience, 3 years in corporate world (mostly oil n gas), have travelled to 30 countries, and some other stuff I can’t rememver now Year: Completed Bachelors in 2012 Geography: IP
  10. Does anyone know if they only look at the interview post interview or look at everything else post interview as well? Queens only looks at interview at that point whereas UofC considers everything post interview. Anyone know how UofA does it?
  11. So all the interviews will be conducted on March 17 or 18 right?
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