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  1. Worried about your upcoming interviews? Want some extra pointers on presentation, organization, and approach outside of practicing by yourself or with pre-med groups? I am offering online interview prep over Skype and can help identify your strengths and areas of improvement. I am quite honest in my feedback to my students and if I see that we aren't meeting the same progress goals, I am happy to help you find other avenues of help. I am a current medical student and interviewed at schools in both Canada and the US. I am familiar with MMI, MPI, panel, and traditional interviews.
  2. I did try to use different verifiers if they were more relevant to the role I was in. For my 6 entries, I had 3 different verifiers.
  3. Hey OP, I don't think any of us can say for sure whether an entry that shows a 4 year long commitment is better than 2 entries that address different roles and responsibilities. Here are some points to consider: If you have a bunch of long term commitments and few strong leadership and service ethic examples, split it. Conversely if you really lacked long term commitment examples then keep it together. If this was a particularly important activity to you that you spent a lot of time in and learned a lot from, split it and use the extra space to write about what you did.
  4. Hey OP, I think it goes without saying that with essay editing the person is more important than the company. While BeMo, Essay Edge, and Astroff are established companies, the reason why I hesitated going to them was because they don't really list who their coaches are. Maybe the great coach at BeMo left or you just happen to get paired with an average coach. If you are concerned with price, there are definitely cheaper services out there (private editing). That being said, if you this is ultimately the difference that makes or breaks your medical school application what's an extra few h
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