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  1. A's and A+ become 4.0. OMSAS is not involved in this process or at all during the admissions process to McGill.
  2. CARMS was the last thing on my mind... so much so it didn't even register to think that far down the road...
  3. Perhaps it was use of poor wording from me... it mostly came from a place of excitement and wonder as I was wondering whether Covid-19 had anything to do with this increase... I know in the past the number were around 80-somethings. Of course it is a good thing!
  4. i think it says closed because the initial offers have not been made yet. it said 'Closed' for others too before the initial offers.
  5. it is an exceptional year by all accounts.. perhaps it has to do with the covid-19 crisis. it is hard to tell.
  6. I know someone with last name (A) get accepted so I made an assumption.. i don't know.. might be a thought.
  7. Do people know if they are going in the alphabetical order this year perhaps. I am seeing both rejections and acceptances. I know last year they had updated rejections before acceptances.
  8. i think if they do delay, it might be just for a day or two but yeah, according to @jeebee, they should be out next week.. good luck everyone!
  9. i agree with you that this is becoming more and more stressful day by day. i dont see why they would need to delay as i think schools are still working online. at this moment it seems like more number churning that they have to do to create a final rank list which can be done online. however i dont know. perhaps someone can be brave enough to email them and get a response.
  10. i think we'd have bigger problems on our hands (and minds) if the virus becomes a pandemic.
  11. don't know yet.. this year I am only applying to non-MCAT places like Mcgill and U Ottawa. but I have taken all the prerequisites and thoroughly enjoyed them. I will take the Mcat this summer if I don't get in. I have some MCAT practice books and it seems the test itself would not so hard but the pacing would be a challenge for me as I am generally slow and like to take my time to do things...
  12. very true. I have a BFA in film production and i am applying to medical schools this year... on some level, totally irrelevant, but it was good for me personally... learned a new skill, etc.
  13. i think 'RD' and 'GL' are just initials of the person who is doing the checking / verification. mine says 'RD' too and that my residency has been verified.
  14. Hello I am not clear on how to enter the number of hours on the OMSAS ABS section. It just says hours. I see many people suggesting it is total hours of activity but it is not clear. On the U Ottawa site, they suggest putting in hours per week or month. So I am really confused about this. Any kind of clarity would be appreciated from people who have done this before. Thanks.
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