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  1. I did it. I broke up the study time throughout the day. I studied an hour before work, over my lunch hour and an hour or two in the evening after I put kids to bed. I recorded my notes and played them in the car during drive time and rather than listening to the radio at work. I also took 8 months to study because I was learning materials. My kids would quiz me, and I brought notes and cue cards everywhere. It wasn’t easy- my work weeks were 50-60 hours, but spacing things out worked. I also used a variety of materials. I prioritized sleep over studying, and would save new topics for when I w
  2. I used Canada Trust's online calculator with a 25 year amortization and 3 year variable rate mortgage for 350K, outside of the down payment. Low down payment mortgages would need CMCH, adding to the amount mortgaged. You are out of pocket more with a purchase, but you do gain equity.
  3. It depends, and you need to run the numbers. Assuming there are no significant changes to the market, estimate you can sell for the same price as you buy. Assuming a house that costs 350K vs a rental costing 2K/month. Realtor costs vary, from 2% of the sale price to 7% for 100K + 1% above, so 7-15K. Maintenance costs will vary, assume 1-3% annually, depending on the age and state of the home. 3.5K -11K annually. Mortgage payments would be around1800 / month. Over 2 years: Total rental costs: 48K, Total ownership Costs: 7K realtor + 7K maintenance + 43K payment - 18K equity = 39K exp
  4. Hey Everyone! Who all got applications in for U of C this year? Good luck!
  5. I had to reset my password for the reapplicant to work. Then I was able to log in.
  6. Hey Everyone! In regards to the publications section of the application, in my former career, I was the primary author for a number of corporate policies, standards, manuals, project proposals etc that were published corporately. Should I consider those publications in regards to the application or leave them out? Thanks!
  7. Hey Everyone, I have been working slowly and steadily towards medical school since 2014, and am at the point where I can now start applying to Canadian Schools. U of C is my target choice, but I would like to expand my horizons if possible. My last 2 year GPA is 3.74, which is also my best 2 years. I took 24 credits each year, between Sept-April online through Athabasca University. I have a degree in Computer Science, received over 10 years ago, but the GPA for the degree is not above the minimums anywhere in Canada. My MCAT is 509, with 128 in CARS. It was also written before I took biol
  8. I'm currently doing my second undergrad degree through Athabasca, and am enjoying it. It is hard to stay on track, especially as a non-trad but it gives flexibility for when life gets in the way of a schedule. I contacted all medical schools open to a second degree directly to see how they managed online schools, specifically Athabasca University. One medical school ( I can't remember if it was Ottawa or Western Ontario) won't accept online courses, but all other schools accept it as equivalent with some caveats. You have to be careful about course selection, all courses are not co
  9. Thank you HoopDreams and caramilk for your responses. HoopDreams, to answer your questions. It seems like you are in a middle of a big storm, overwhelmed by the care-giving activities of numerous family members. It's actually not overwhelming, I find it less challenging than when I was travelling for work, but it does limit my ability to join other activities outside of the above commitments. Is it fair that you are competing against applicants that do not have to undergo your level of responsibility and therefore have a lot more free time to engage in volunteerin
  10. As a Non-Trad, I am struggling to find references for my extracurricular activities. I have work references, from former employers but the majority of my health and extracurricular work has been individual, and family related. For the past 2 years I have been a stay at home mom, going to school online because of family needs. Two of my children have special needs, thus why I attend online university and am staying at home. They both need IPPs (Individual Program Plans for educational levels through school) and counselling, occupational therapy, in home physical therapy, endocrinology, an
  11. I wrote my Mcat before my organic chem courses, anatomy and physiology and before my 2nd bio. I scored a 509 and am applying with that score. I started studying in November for a July date, while working 50 hrs a week and raising 2 kids. l am a single mom. I wasn’t going to quit my job and go back to school if I couldn’t do the mcat. It was hard but can be done. I used Kaplan and khan academy.
  12. I am targeting U of C because I am location restricted, so I am tailoring my application to them. I am also a non-trad student.
  13. I'm doing the same program, Human Science through Athabasca. You really need to review the requirements for each medical school to decide. U Western Ontario does not accept online classes. Others do have limitations. My target schools accept online classes, but there are minimum requirements for full time status that must be maintained. U of C will accept online, but there must be a minimum of 8 - 3 credit transferable graded courses completed between Sept-Apr. They want to see that a person can juggle a courseload. You need to prove that you are doing 8 courses over the 8 months. And th
  14. In regards to the curve, it was entirely dependent on the professor. Some did, some didn't. Some were quite proud of the fact that so many did so poorly in their classes. I had one prof who would give a mark for a right answer on tests, but take one away for a wrong one. People ended up with negative marks in his class. And I do recognize this is all anecdotal, but I wish I had been cautioned. As for the difficulty of the program, what most of us found was that the sheer volume of work was overwhelming at times. The material wasn't in of itself insanely difficult, but the precision and am
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