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  1. I have some questions I am hoping to get answered. Can you send me a PM?
  2. It was literally written in the email everyone got.. Plus someone asked last Friday and got the same answer.
  3. Just wondering, does anybody know if we can tell whether it's an A or an R from the subject? With the invite, you couldn't tell.
  4. The email said they will let us know by March 1st, and last two years ppl found out around 5:10pm so I am guessing literally any minute now
  5. Now that the interviews are over, while procrastinating, I came across a very interesting piece of information. 1. Slightly more females apply to Western dental than males. How many more? For the class of 2022, 52% of the applicants were female. For the class of 2023, it was 57% and for the class of 2024, it was 54%. But this is where it gets interesting. Now let's look at the proportions of the incoming classes. For the class of 2022, females made up 72% of the class. Next year, they made up 71%. And last year, 66%.
  6. UofT -Large class size -Better city life Western -Smaller class size -Better simulation lab Anything else I am forgetting?
  7. I don't see why adding those two would add an extra week POST interview.
  8. Although ideal, you are asking too much of the Admissions. I doubt they have the manpower to do that.
  9. 190 interviews were done over two days. That is physically impossible.
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