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  1. I can't remember his name but he was a somewhat young guy, super funny and engaging.
  2. I took that course at Ryerson and found it extremely easy (and kind of fun!). For reference, I hadn't taken a chem class in about 4 years before doing that course and got an A. Dm me if you have questions.
  3. This might be a dumb question, but do all accepted students have to send in their final transcript or is that just referring to students who were still completing their education? I graduated a few years ago so nothing has changed on my transcript.
  4. This made me tear up! Congratulations friend and cannot wait to meet you this fall at Queens!!!
  5. Hey Sinusoid, don't give up!! If you keep pushing yourself and if you are passionate about medicine, you can do it, I 100% believe in you! I just got accepted to an Ontario school and have a similar GPA story as you do. My GPA in my first two years was even worse than yours at 3.3. In third year I realized something had to change if I was going to have a future in medicine. I took a break from volunteering and working and stopped seeing friends as much. I dedicated every. last. second. I had into studying. I went to office hours and asked questions to the profs. I tried so hard to pull up my G
  6. In case this helps, I'll be taking myself off the waitlist (score was 74). Good luck everyone
  7. I'm not accepted yet but I interviewed at Queens with a very low cumulative gpa and high 2 year gpa
  8. Yes! I found that too. Had to really read over them a few times to understand the point they were getting at.
  9. OOP waitlist with a score of 74.00 Congrats to all that got accepted and best of luck for everyone on the waitlist!!
  10. Dare I ask if anyone has called admissions recently?
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