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  1. I am thinking of taking a semester off but I know the Ualberta dental requirements are changing in 2021 which would be to my disadvantage, so I would only have one more cycle which would give me the most likely chance of getting into dent here. I heard that dental programs look more favourably to students who have completed their degrees compared to students who haven't, like you would need a considerably higher GPA (4.0) to compete with a student who has completed their degree (3.8). Just wondering if this is true since I have not completed my degree and this would affect my decision on takin
  2. I dont think i was clear on my other post so ill try here again. For people who did their undergrad at UBC, what program did you personally be in for your undergrad? (ex, faculty of science, bio major). As dentistry does not require any specific major or degree, I'm just wondering the different paths that people took to get there and also what were they in And an additional side note, what made you choose dentistry over other professions? I think it would be really interesting to hear everyone's different reasons for pursuing dentistry Thanks
  3. sorry i kinda meant for someone who went to UBC and got into dentistry there/are hoping to, what degree would be best suited for trying to get in dentistry. For ex. becoming bio major would help fill in all prereqs for dent and is an easier major to do well in compared to like chemistry etc
  4. I am just wondering what would be the best undergraduate program to be in if I'm trying to get into dentistry at UBC. For those who went to UBC what program or major were you in? (biology, psychology etc) Thanks!
  5. i heard that when you apply to dental schools, if u completed a four year degree they will take the lowest gpa year off of your cumulative gpa. Do you know which dental schools do this? I think UWO does this but not sure if this applies to all canadian dental schools. Also, is it true the worst year cannot be the final year?
  6. Do you have any recommendations for cheaper options that you found helpful?
  7. Thanks for the advice! Can you clarify what you mean by "it is still valuable" like is it just a refresher or a thing to practice leading up to the exam if you ran out of PAT questions? For example, if i just do Crack the DAT questions for PAT do you think it is possible to get 21+ on the actual exam or would you need something like datcrusher in order to do well?
  8. I'm thinking of purchasing the crack the dat pat version but some reviews have scared me, for example, one review said it is outdated as the pat had gotten harder and if you use this it will not help on the actual pat. I want to buy this instead of dat bootcamp or other software as it does not have an expiry date and if i buy the ace edition it has 900 questions and 10 practice exams, enough for me to forget and use it like its brand new if I take the dat again lol. Anyone who has gotten the software before, is it similar to the real pat or is it too simple? Also, which version do you recommen
  9. Well I am thinking of getting it to practice the PAT since I heard it is good for its value if you just want to practice your PAT, is there any other books (don't like websites) that you think are good for PAT practice for the Canadian DAT?
  10. I see alot of people recommending the kaplan book for the DAT but I have no idea which one they are talking about. Can someone give me a link to where you can buy it or the full name of the book so I can just google it to find it? There are so many editions and theres Kaplan Review notes, Kaplan blue book etc I dont know which one to buy
  11. Hi, I'm going into Ualberta this year and want to get into dentistry, the competitive gpa here is really high (3.9 last year) and I was wondering if there is any courses that are just easy gpa boosters. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks
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