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  1. Time Stamp (i.e. include date and time): 12:58 PM (PST) Dec 18 Result (i.e. invite or regrets): Invite (regular deadline) GPA/AGPA (i.e. whichever is applicable): AGPA 82.42 MCAT (i.e. total score and breakdown in the order of CP/CARS/BB/PS): 507 Geography (i.e. IP or OOP): IP ECs (i.e. brief rundown of Research Pubs/Presentations, Awards, Employment, and Non-Academic Activities - also Rural stuff if you want/if it applies): Non-trad applicant, MSc in research based program, two first author papers, experience in nonprofit and business, volunteering in crisis support for over 4 years NAQ Range
  2. I know in BC that as a family doctor you have a cap for how many patients you can receive fee-for-service payments for in a day. I think its something like you can only apply for payments for 40 ish visits a day. However, in terms of total earnings there is not a cap. There are several payment models in Canada for family practice, but the most common is fee-for-service (ie. payment per visit). Unless you own your own clinic, it's common to have to pay between 30 to 40% of your earning to the clinic owner for overheads costs. As a family doctor billing is quite complicated for getting payments
  3. They email verifiers (not all), ask them if what you wrote is "correct", "incorrect", or "other". If they select the latter two then they will input the discrepancies they had with what you wrote.
  4. I’ve re-submitted for the early deadline, and trying to write the mcat again *sigh*. Do you mind if I ask what your NAQ was this year? I noticed you said it dropped two points despite adding activities :(. Would you mind sharing how extensive you thought they were? We’re they new or adding hours/responsibilities to previous activities? What the Frick..
  5. Thank you for the sage advice. I have taught myself several things, but particularly relevant was studying for the mcat. I did this entirely solo, two months studying while working two part-time jobs. Admittedly, it didn't reflect well in my score (505). I think a good course of action will be to take Psych and Soc. courses through TRU-O, and I'll kill two birds with one stone (mcat study and increase GPA). I'll see how far I get through those two, and gauge whether I can complete two more by the June 22 cutoff. Thoughts? I think this might be worthwhile to kill myself in the
  6. Congrats Med_Iris!! did you line up your supervisor/discuss project beforehand for the application? Or does pairing happen afterwards?
  7. The downside to this approach, is it looks like continuing education only applicable to the UBC application :(. Thanks for your advice!
  8. Hey Clever Smart Boy, thanks for your tips!! If I have a full time job, do you think it’s doable to pull off 4 courses from now until mid April (evenings and weekends through TRU-O), or am I crazy?
  9. TIME STAMP: 5:12 PST Interview Invite or Regrets: Regrets Early or Regular Deadline: Regular AGPA (if applicable): 82.42 (OGPA=78.49) MCAT: 505 ECs: lots (1 first author publication, and another almost published; research; volunteering; exec/leadership roles in clubs) Current Degree: MSc Geography: IP NAQ: 29.45 AQ: 18.30 TFR: 47.75 Very disappointing. My first two years of undergrad were horrendous - Paying for it now :(. Thinking about trying to take TRU-O courses while working full time this semester - could increase AGPA by 1%...is it worth it? I have some ideas for NAQ that will
  10. I'm too nervous to ask my verifiers if they were contacted. Is this a mistake? I don't think I can handle the confusion in there tone if they say no... I'm holding out until December
  11. I'm not a med student, but would be interested to join you if you get a group together. I'll bring beer or pizza for the prospective med student
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