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  1. I was wondering whether it would add any value to my current application if I added that I was awarded OGS and NSERC in May but had to reject them both for this current Professional Masters I'm doing right now. There is a specific section for Awards and Scholarships that state this: SCHOLARSHIPS AND AWARDS List scholarships, fellowships, prizes, and other academic awards you have received and think would be most pertinent to the adjudication of your application (most recent first). Include those indicated in the "Previous Government Awards" section.
  2. I have 3 publications and 3 conference pubs with several competitive and long term ECs (~1000hr+) with a wGPA of 3.85 (which is not high) so I beg to differ lol
  3. I heard back from UBC not uoft! but uoft is most likely a reject haha I have not heard back from them yet and yeah doing grad school!
  4. Maybe, its my NAQ that brought me so close to the cut off, not my AQ. I thought if I got such a high score in NAQ as an OOP for UBC, I most likely will get an interview at UofT because they value ECs so much and because my GPA isnt that bad (3.85 weighted). Unfortunately, that is not the case... 0 interviews...so bummed out. I'll try again in two years lol
  5. Same. After missing the UBC cut off for OOP by 2 points, at this point I just want to crawl into a hole and disappear lol
  6. Sorry I meant to say it was 1.0 credits! So 1.0 overload instead of .5. It definitely can impact my application as that means now only 6 courses will be taken out instead of 8
  7. I have a question regarding wGPA calculation if anyone knows. If I took 5.5 credits one year and 0.5 was pass/fail, would they still include the pass/fail grade in wGPA calculation even though it was technically an "overload"?
  8. My question is, is UofT that different from UBC academically? I know UofT is an extremely difficult school in terms of getting a higher GPA, but I just cant seem to see UBC being that far off in difficulty. Have you thought of transferring to a school where you are most likely able to get a higher GPA than uoft, like york or even western?
  9. Wait, does it really mean that if we didn't get an interview by now then we're rejected? I'm so sad now.
  10. Hey, I am so sorry you're going through such a horrible rough time in your life but I need to tell you this- it will pass! First year is hard for EVERYONE! Sure, there will always be those people who barely study and still do well and the thing is, you don't know their circumstances! Those that did IB school generally do very well in first year university because its basically a repeat. However, many highschools don't prepare you on how to study for exams and thats why many people struggle in first year. I surely did. My first year marks were terrible, but look at me now.. I got a 3.96 and 4.0
  11. Its hard not to be! All this hard work and not reaping the rewards is brutal for my self-efficacy lmao
  12. I dont know... it just seems like they're reviewing grad students now and OOP. Also majority of the students get their regrets in March it seems and thats probably why you haven't heard that many regrets so far. My GPA is subpar compared to a majority of the applicants matriculated (average of undergrads is around 3.94-3.96 I believe). I had many people (including a couple doctors) review my personal essays and made them extremely personal so I don't think that would be it either. This experience has literally been such a let down, 0 interviews so far lol
  13. Probably not. I think UofT values GPA heavily and you'd be surprised at the number of students applying there with a 1st author publication AND a high GPA. I have 3 pubs (2nd, 2nd, and 3rd author) and 3 conference abstracts at major conferences (1st, 2nd, 3nd author) with a wGPA of 3.85 and many long-term extracurriculars and this is my last year of undergrad. I still haven't received news from UofT so I'm guessing its a reject. Extremely extremely disappointing. They say they use a holistic approach but their "holistic" approach probably revolves around you having everything perfe
  14. I think you already answered your own question. You can't get into medschool with a bad MCAT but definitely can get into medschool if you didnt do research for one summer. If you already tried working full time and studying for the MCAT and you struggled, why would you repeat the struggle again? Focus on the MCAT, get a high score, and work on your CV now and during your 4th year. If you want to, you can do community volunteering for something a couple days/week in the summer, that way you can focus on your MCAT and still do something that will help your CV.
  15. I'm feeling super anxious... I just want to know already its driving me craaaaazy
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