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  1. Thank you all for your answers, i really appreciate ! But I still don't know what I will do with my job haha. Maybe I will ask for one day a week instead of 2... And @Lactic Folly, the reason I want to keep this job is simply because I love it. I really enjoy working there, I have good friends and it gives me good experiences and contact with patients, doctors, etc. It doesn't feel like a job. Each day I learn something new. Also, it will ensure a money entry since I have to pay everything by myself... The reason I am thinking about quitting is because I want to devote myself
  2. Hello, I want to have advice from someone who is in medschool or heard about someone in medschool. I would like to know if it is realistic to have a job while going in first year of medical school. I got accepted and now I have to think about either keeping my job during academic year or not. It is a job where I work saturday and sunday (8 hours) on the weekend. Thank you
  3. Hello, I've just been accepted to be a volunteer for an organization. I will start the trainings in october. Should I put it in my sketch or not? thanks
  4. Is it preferable to put the experiences from most recent to less recent or should I put them from less recent on top to most recent bottom?
  5. Good morning, I work as a hospital clerk. I have a main floor where I work often, but during summer, I go on other floors that are quite different. Ex: telemety, surgery, etc. Should I include a work experience for each one of them instead of all putting under one experience? Because I worked at many floors, I can't even say all the specifities of each floor under one experience, because of the word count... Thank you for your help
  6. Hello, I jsut need a bit of help for the autobiographical sketch. Should I seperate my cv by sections (volunteer, work, research, etc) and for each section, put the most recent experience? For ex. 1) work experiences (most recent to less recent) 2) Volunteer (most recent to less recent) Etc. Thank you
  7. Thank you all for your answers. Does the person (reference) needs to write a letter about us?
  8. Hi everyone, I have two questions. First, does anyone knows what kind of questions OMSAS asks to our references? Is it only an email with questions about us? Also, who should I take for reference? : 1) Head nurse 2) Manager 3) Sport and work 4) School teacher Thanks everyone
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